Charlie Cook, who wrestled in various pro wrestling territories in the 1970s to early 1980s, has died. No details were given on the cause of death.

Cook won the Florida Heavyweight Title from Dory Funk, Jr. on two occasions in 1981.

The first time was a wild and controversial situation on August 11, 1981 at The Armory in Tampa, Florida. Cook had wrestled early on the Championship Wrestling from Florida card defeating Jimmy Kent. Funk was originally supposed to defend the title against Jack Brisco on the show. The Assassin accompanied Funk to the ring and attacked Brisco before the match and gave him the “loaded mask” headbutt. Funk then followed up by giving Brisco a piledriver on the floor. Cook was one of the baby faces who came out to check on Brisco and he ended up substituting for him in the title match.

Cook and Funk would go on to have a series of rematches throughout Florida, including a couple of Texas Death Matches, where Funk would regain the title. Cook lost the title in his second run to The Spoiler.

Cook also held the WWC Caribbean Title defeating Dick Steinborn in 1982. He would hold it for a few months before losing to Abdullah the Butcher. That was Abbie’s first Caribbean Championship win which ended up being a four and a half year reign.

Cook vs. Jim Duggan from Georgia Championship Wrestling in 1981

Cook vs. The Sheik from Texas in the mid 1970s

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