Impact Wrestling “Bash At The Brewery 2” Results 1/10/20

Impact Wrestling and River City Wrestling “Bash At The Brewery 2” results from San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Freetail Brewing Company on 1/10/20 and broadcast on Impact Plus:

Josh Mathews and D-Lo Brown are the announcers.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Wentz in a non-Title match

Ace Austin pinned Wentz after The Fold.

Sami Callihan was with the rest of OVE backstage. The main event of them vs. Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Brian Cage is an elimination match. Callihan said it was a gift because they can take Blanchard out to where she won’t make it to Sunday’s ppv, make Swann and Mack their “bitch”, and cripple Cage.

River City Phoenix Champion Christi Jaynes vs. River City Women’s Champion Keira Hogan

Only Hogan’s title is on the line in the match.

Hogan got the pin after the fisherman neckbreaker. Jaynes got in a lot of offense.

Jimmy Jacobs did a backstage interview with Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. He said she will face Jordynne Grace in a non-title Brewery Brawl tonight. She said where she comes from it’s called a street fight and she didn’t like the idea of starting off the year in one. John E. Bravo was by her side but he didn’t speak. Valkyrie is originally from British Columbia, Canada but she has been living in Los Angeles with her husband John Morrison. It seems like her gimmick is that of “Valley Girl” (1983) or “Clueless” (1995) which were both set in California. She kept sarcastically saying “whatever!” at Jacobs.

River City Champion Fallah Baah vs. Kongo Kong (with Brandon Oliver and Madi Wrenkowski)

Kong got the pin after a Samoan Drop despite repeated distractions and interference by Oliver and Wrenkowski. Wrenkowski works the women’s indie circuit and she gave Baah a big scissor kick during the match.

Michael Elgin vs. Joey Ryan

Elgin got the pin after the Elgin bomb. The crowd was behind Ryan who played it far more serious than usual. He did a suicide dive through the ropes to the floor on Elgin. He got Elgin to touch his crotch briefly but Elgin clotheslined his way out of it. He connected with Sweet Tooth Music but Elgin kicked out at the last half second. The crowd chanted “That was three!” Ryan gave the referee the penis plex after the match.

Jacobs interviewed all the babyfaces in the elimination match backstage. All of them did good short promos. Blanchard was in regular clothes and actually smiling and beaming until it came her turn to talk. She turned back to the usual angry scowl and said she was going to give Sami Callihan a teaser of the ppv and then break him on Sunday.

Rhino vs. Shera

Rhino won by Disqualification. Just as he was about to go for the gore, Moose ran down and pulled him out of the ring and laid him out at ringside.

RVD (with Katie Forbes) vs. Eddie Edwards

RVD got the pin after the Van Terminator. Forbes handed him the chair at the end of the match which caused Alicia Edwards to run down and fight with her. The referee went to the outside to break the women up and RVD was able to get his move in without the ref seeing it.

Forbes is a heck of a character. Her “ass-ets” were on full display and she was twerking all over the place during the match. For those interested, she does have an Only Fans account for 18+ at $20 a month

Impact Tag Team Champions The North vs. Trey and Dez in a non-Title match

The North got the pin on Dez after their double team finisher.

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) vs. Jordynne Grace in a Brewery Brawl non-Title match.

Grace got the pin after the Grace Driver when Bravo accidentally hit Valkyrie with a chair. Bravo had been ejected immediately at the start of the match but he ran down anyway when it looked like Grace was about to get the win with an earlier Grace Driver. Mathews covered the booking by saving it was a No DQ Match so nothing could happen to him with Impact officials by coming back out.

World Champion Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist, and Mad Man Fulton vs. Tessa Blanchard, Brian Cage, Willie Mack, and Rich Swann in an elimination match

Mad Man Fulton was the lone survivor.

Swann was technically eliminated first in what may or may not have been an injury angle. Dave Crist gave him a senton to the back and he couldn’t get up. He rolled out of the ring while clutching his ankle. The referee, Mack, and Blanchard went to the floor to check on him. Blanchard held up a mini “x” sign. He was limping and helped to the back.

Blanchard and Callihan were both eliminated in a double count out. They squared off in the middle of the ring with Blanchard beating on him then they brawled to the back. Blanchard worked a lot of the match and was isolated by OVE in their corner in spots.

Cage pinned Dave Crist after a drill claw.

Fulton pinned Cage after a double team move with Jake Crist followed by a diving headbutt.

Mack pinned Jake Crist after a stunner.

Fulton immediately hit his finisher on Mack for the win right after Mack eliminated Jake Crist.

Impact Wrestling has a show on 1/11/20 free and live on Twitch at 2pm EST from Arlington, Texas. I will not be able to cover it live because I will be watching EVE’s Wrestle Queendom 3 on FITE. And I actually might not be watching anything this weekend due to an ice storm currently hitting my State with weather warnings of potential power outages.

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