Impact Wrestling results of their “Hard To Kill” pay-per-view from Dallas, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at The Bomb Factory and live on FITE on 1/12/20:

A few notes from the always lovely Mr. Mike Johnson over at PW Insider before the live ppv start. He is at the show.

1. Rich Swann was legit injured on the Impact Plus show on Friday night during the 8-man tag elimination main event.

2. The Desi Hit Squad won a 4-Way Tag Team Match over The Rascalz… TJP and Daga… Reno Scum. This was taped for AXS TV and should air on Tuesday.

3. Joey Ryan pinned Jonny Swinger after Sweet Tooth Music. This was also taped for AXS.

FITE ppv broadcast

They opened with a video package to hype Impact World Champion Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard including comments from Blanchard’s parents Magnum TA (step father) and her mom.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis are the announcers.

Ken Shamrock vs. Mad Man Fulton (with Dave Crist and Jake Crist)

Shamrock won by Kimura Lock submission. Fulton tapped out by nodding his head on the mat because his arms were trapped.

This was slow and plodding. They tried to work an MMA style “big man” match. Shamrock locked in the hold a minute or so earlier. The referee broke it up and backed Fulton in a corner to check on him and asked if he wanted to quit. The announcers unconvincingly sold it like Fulton might have a broken shoulder. Fulton told the referee that he can continue.

They went to the outside to brawl for a couple of minutes after a few minutes starting off in the ring. The Crist Brothers tried to interfere but Shamrock took them out and then the referee ejected them from ringside.

Mathews and Callis ran down the card for the rest of the night. They showed a graphic for the main event and showed footage of Blanchard and then OVE arriving to the building. There was no crowd reaction.

Blanchard got tons of heat yesterday from Allysin Kay, Chelsea Green, Priscilla Kelly, and Shanna on Twitter over bad behavior against La Rosa Negra in the STARDOM locker room back in 2017. Kay said Blanchard used the n-word and spit at Negra.

Negra responded and said Kay’s story was true.

Blanchard responded saying it was not true and told everyone that she wouldn’t say anything more on the subject. She didn’t speak to reporters at the Impact media day event yesterday.

I don’t believe that Blanchard is racist but I can see her acting that way out of anger because there have been too many horror stories about her. A pro wrestling locker room is like a prison movie where it can be a tense and uncomfortable place with people trying to show “dominance”. There is a lot of pettiness with people trying to start stupid stuff then things get heated and confrontational.

In typical Impact Wrestling fashion, there was no statement by Ross Forman (Impact PR director), Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, or Ed Nordholm about Blanchard. Like with New Japan getting taken off AXS TV, and D’Amore trying to avoid deposition in the Jeff Jarrett lawsuit against the company, chances are Impact and Anthem are staying silent hoping the story goes away.

The whole situation makes Impact look like a white trash indie company operated by a group of inept people.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Trey

Trey’s mom is at ringside.

Austin got the pin after The Fold.

After the match, Trey talked to his mom then walked to the back as Austin celebrated in the ring. Austin then tried to get Trey’s mom to kiss him. Trey ran back down and attacked him. Reno Scum and referees came down to break them up. The announcers said it looked like their feud isn’t over.

ODB did an interview backstage with Gabby Loren. She thanked the fans for helping her raise money for a new food truck and said she will be back in business this year. She said she will become 5-time Knockouts Champion tonight.

Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) vs. Jordynne Grace vs. ODB

They seem to really be rushing all of the ring introductions.

Valkyrie got the win by stealing the pin on ODB. Grace was about to pin ODB after the Grace Driver but Bravo got on the ring to distract the referee. Valkyrie went over to cover ODB and the referee turned around to count which allowed Bravo to trip up Grace and pull her out of the ring to stop her from breaking up the pin.

Valkyrie worked most of the match in a typical 3-Way set up with ODB being dumped out of the ring to leave things one on one.

Gabby Loren tried to interview RVD and Katie Forbes who were making out by her. Forbes took the mic from her and said she would do the interview instead. RVD did a positive promo. He said all the fans wanted pics and autographs. Daga walked by and RVD mistook him for a fan.

RVD (with Katie Forbes) vs. Brian Cage

This looked like an injury angle or a way of writing Cage out. He came out with a t-shirt on that looked like a Tessa Blanchard shirt. He and Blanchard are good friends. They had an indie classic match at WrestleCircus a couple years ago.

Cage was shaking hands with fans at ringside. An attractive blonde woman grabbed him and held him which allowed RVD to jump him from behind. The announcers said the woman is the girlfriend of Katie Forbes (they are in a polyamorous relationship).

Forbes threw in the chair and RVD hit the Van Daminator on Cage. Cage’s mouth was all bloody. Forbes then got in the ring and held the chair in front of Cage’s face for RVD to hit the Van Terminator. The announcers said the referee was very relaxed with the rules.

The referee called for help from the back to take Cage out of the ring. I guess this was a no-contest. Daga ran out to check on Cage and RVD started kicking at him to set up an impromptu match.

RVD vs. Daga

RVD got the pin after the 5-star frog splash after Forbes grabbed Daga’s leg to let RVD kick him. It was a relatively short match. After the match, Forbes brought in her girlfriend to dance and celebrate in the ring with them.

Backstage, Loren tried to interview Sami Callihan by the OVE locker room but Jake Crist answered the door instead. You could hear Callihan yelling at someone in the background. Crist yelled at Loren for disturbing them but assured her that everything was fine even though it didn’t sound like it.

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards for EdwardsCall Your Spot Trophy

Edwards got the pin after reversing an Elgin Bomb attempt into a sunset flip.

Best match on the show so far with lots of hard hitting and high impact moves including Elgin giving him a German Suplex off the top rope. It’s just hard to take Edwards seriously with the Tommy Dreamer gimmick.

Rhino yelled into the camera backstage and said it will be a No DQ Match next. He said he will rip Moose in half.

Moose vs. Rhino in a No DQ Match

Moose got the win in a style of match you always see with Moose on the free Twitch live shows. He pulled the first referee in front of him as Rhino gored him through a table set up in the corner of the ring. Then he gave Rhino a low blow and the spear for the pin with a second referee coming in to count.

Moose was dressed up like Macho Man. He took a few good bumps in the match. Rhino gave him a back drop on the ramp, a powerbomb into a table a ringside, and a superplex into a pile of chairs in the ring.

They showed Tessa Blanchard looking stoic backstage then she started doing warmups.

The announcers noted that Rich Swann did get injured on the Impact Plus show on Friday night. They showed Swann on crutches backstage begging Willie Mack and the doctor to let him be at ringside at least for the Tag Team Titles Match. They both refused and didn’t want him to get hurt worse.

Impact Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) vs. Willie Mack in a handicap match

Alexander pinned Mack after their double team finisher.

Mack was impressive as always and they made the whole thing like it was an incredible hard fought loss for him. He gave Alexander a super Canadian Destroyer off Page’s shoulders then did a dive to the outside on Page. He followed up with a big 6-star splash on Alexander but Page pulled the referee out of the ring hoping to save the titles by Disqualification. The referee refused.

They announced the next ppv is in April in NYC at Terminal 5 but they didn’t give the date yet.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard won the title after a couple Canadian Destroyers and the Buzzsaw DDT for the pin. This was a solid good match that went about 23 minutes. The show ended at 10:53pm EST, so if she made a victory speech in the ring, the home viewers did not get to see it.

They started off hot with Callihan giving her a big kick and the Cactus Piledriver. It looked like he was going to try for a piledriver off the top rope but she started biting him off and hit The Magnum.

Blanchard did her three suicide dives to the outside. Callihan caught her on the third one but she gave him a head scissors and followed up with a big flip dive off the top rope to the outside.

Callihan recovered and threw a beer at her then rammed her knee first into the guardrail. From there he worked over her leg with old school heel holds and tactics.

Blanchard tried to do a dive off the apron but he caught her and power bombed her into a table.

They fought on the apron and Blanchard managed to give him a Magnum.

At one point in looked like it could have been a double count out but they both made it back in.

Blanchard hit a mini Magnum back in the ring.

Callihan hits a shoulder breaker, a powerbomb, and another piledriver but Blanchard kicked out. He then tried to submit her with a stretch muffler and STF but she got her foot on the ropes.

Callihan brought in the title to use as a weapon but the referee stopped him. When the ref’s back was turned he brought out brass knuckles to use but Blanchard kicked him in the crotch and hit another Magnum.

The feminist and white knight pro wrestling sites (and there are many of them) would have complained about Blanchard winning with a man’s help if there was a run in so she went over clean. Now they’ll keep complaining that she’s racist and a bully, yet Impact still put the title on her as planned.

Update at 11:20pm EST: Brian Cage has signed with AEW according to SoCal Uncensored. That explains his match with RVD.

And an update from Mike Johnson at PW Insider. Blanchard’s family went in the ring with her when the ppv went off the air. She got on the mic and admitted to making mistakes. Daga and the Impact staff came out to hug and congratulate her and they put her up on their shoulders.

Johnson also noted Cage has a bicep injury.

Taya Valkyrie is doing an angle in post show comments and social media saying she’s #1 con. and wants to face Blanchard in a Champion vs. Champion match.

A fan was kind enough to send over cellphone footage of Blanchard’s post match comments. It doesn’t seem like she is taking all the heat seriously. Her promo came off defiant and arrogant without much apology.

Update at 12:30am EST on 1/13: Melissa Santos, who is the wife of Brian Cage, tweeted that Cage has not signed with AEW.

This ppv and the fallout of it has been a total mess.

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