Impact Wrestling’s The Arlington Brawl from from Arlington, Texas at Texas Live on 1/11/20 on Twitch:

Although it was Impact Wrestling broadcasting the show, the card featured matches of Texas indie talent such as Alex Gracia, Luigi Primo, Andy Dalton, Jaxson Stone, etc. It’s a casual atmosphere with Impact stars taking pics and autographs with fans between matches.

Josh Mathews is play by play and he said The Rascalz will take turns joining him on color commentary. Wentz is up first.

Muerto Inferno and Tristen the Warrior beat Aaron Sykes and Helio Garcia when Inferno pinned Sykes after a frog splash.

Richie Garcia pinned David Kidd with a cradle and holding on to the tights. Dez joined Mathews on commentary.

“Adorable” Anthony Andrews pinned River City Wrestling International Champion Luigi Primo to win the title after a pump handle powerslam when his valet named Paige distract the referee just as Primo was about to win. Trey did color.

The Tommy Becker pinned Jaxon Stone after a Sliced Bread #2. Joey Ryan was on color for this one and he was very humble and insightful. He said he knew a lot of the talent on the show because he’s blessed to have worked with a lot of people while doing indies. He said Highspots produces his “Penis Party” events for Wrestlemania Week. They’re doing another this year. He said they do involve him in the booking of it. He slipped up and said Impact will be running during WM too. Mathews laughed and said they haven’t officially announced it yet.

Low Rider beat Juventus Aerea by knee Bear submission. Jake Crist was on color.

Rodney Mack pinned Branden Vice after a forearm shot out of the corner and using his feet on the ropes. D-Lo Brown did color.

Mathews did an in-ring interview with Ethan Page. They said Josh Alexander wasn’t there. It seemed like a segment just to stretch for time. They both rushed back to the announcers desk to do commentary for the next match.

Page said he’s having his own show too during WM Week. It’s called “Ethan Page’s Body Guy Extravaganza”. That takes place at 3pm EST in Tampa, Florida on 4/3/20. He said it’s the lead in for “TNA at 8pm”. Mathews corrected him that it’s actually Impact Wrestling and they didn’t announce it yet. Page started laughing and said he just did a whole interview about the show and hoped it can be corrected.

Alex Gracia and AQA beat Hyan and Miranda Alize when AQA pinned Hyan after a running shooting star press. Mathews said Impact was impressed with all four of the women from Booker T.’s Reality of Wrestling so they invited them to be on this show. He said they also have appeared in RISE Wrestling out of Illinois and mentioned that RISE is an Impact partner.

Matthew Palmer pinned Andy Dalton after a double unhook piledriver in the main event.

The main portion of the show ended with Mathews doing an in-ring interview with Impact World Champion Sami Callihan. Callihan told the crowd that pro wrestling is supposed to be fun and everyone loves it but people are so hypersensitive. He said he’s sick of it and told the fans that they need to stop cutting each other down online and have fun. He vowed to keep the title and said everyone in Impact including management can kiss his ass.

The Twitch broadcast continued with Mathews doing ringside interviews with Michael Elgin, Rhino, and others. This event was part of a fan fest.

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