Queens Of The Ring 2 Results 1/18/20

Hurricane Pro results of their “Queens Of The Ring 2” from Beaumont, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Ford Park on 1/18/20 and live and free on YouTube https://youtu.be/5F3chfqR-20

The show was delayed by a half hour. A representative from Title Match Wrestling Network kept everyone posted in the YouTube channel. They said there was severe flooding in the area which caused issues for the talent and fans getting to the venue.

Matt Topolski is the play by play announcer.

Madi Wrenkowski vs. Amber Nova

Nova got the pin after a stunner.

Vert Vixen vs. Amber Rodriguez vs. Alex Gracia

Topolski said this was originally supposed to be a one on one match but earlier today Gracia was added to make it a 3-Way. He said Phoebe was injured so the match was changed. (She was originally supposed to face Vixen)..

Vixen got the fall on Gracia after dumping Rodriguez out of the ring and stealing the pin.

Veda Scott vs. Simone Sherie

Topolski said Thunder Rosa joined the YouTube chat room to talk to fans. He noted that Sherie appears as Princess Aussie on WOW on AXS TV.

Sherie got the pin after a top rope splash.

Miranda Alize vs. Will Allday

Alize got the pin after spraying red mist to the face and rolling Allday up with an inside cradle. Allday was going to bring in a chair but the referee grabbed it away from him on the outside. As the referee was distracted, Alize was able to deliver the mist.

An excellent fast paced match. Both wrestlers are ones to watch in 2020. Alize started out hot the first several seconds using all kinds of quick head scissors.

Allday hung her up in a tree of woe and chopped at her midsection but she still tried to fight back. Then he gave her a baseball slide drop kick to the face.

Alize hit a Canadian Destroyer and the Shining Wizard but Allday kicked out.

Allday went for a flying knee of his own but Alize moved out of the way and he hit the referee instead. Alize followed up with another Shining Wizard but the referee was down and couldn’t count. The way she does the move is incredible with explosive quickness and power at the same time.

Ladies Night Out Champion Ivelisse vs. Rok-C

Ivelisse got the pin after the Recoil finisher.

This was a very good, solid physical match. They went a long time to the point I thought it could have gone to a draw. It came off like a star making bout for Rok-C who’s only 18. Ivelisse is one of the most underrated and hardest workers on the indie scene and she always gives the fans a show.

There was a moment where they were brawling on the outside and Ivelisse must have given Rok-C a hard chop because you could really hear it over the TV. The referee sold it by doing a triple take in the ring.

The next Ladies Night Out show will be on 2/29/20.

Tesha Price vs. Riley X Paris

Price got the win by submission with a sleeper and body scissors combination. She gave Paris a hard shove to the back when it was over.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Heather Monroe vs. Priscilla Kelly

Monroe got the pin after a kick to the head and the michinoku driver.

This was a very entertaining show and worth checking out, especially for Alize vs. Allday, Ivelisse vs. Rok-C, and the main event. A few of these women could be signed by the pro wrestling big leagues this year in an always changing and competitive landscape.

The Illinois indie women’s wrestling promotions get all the pro wrestling press and glory because of self-aggrandizing and coasting on past reputations. However, events like this and Ladies Night Out do a fabulous job of showcasing the best women’s indie talent in the United States.

W.W.D. https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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