SHINE Mini Show Results 1/18/20: Title Change

SHINE results from Fern Park, Florida at the Orlando Live Events on 1/18/20. This was the pre-show to EVOLVE 144 this evening:

Stormie Lee pinned Alyx Sky.

Nova Champion Natalia Markova beat Jenna by submission with a cross arm breaker.

After the match, Brandi Lauren came to the ring and demanded Markova hand the title over to her. Markova refused and Stormie Lee jumped her with a chair to help Lauren. Avery Taylor made the save.

Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson won the SHINE Tag Team Titles from Big Swole and Aja Perera. Brandi Lauren and Stormie Lee came out and attacked Ayla Fox at ringside which caused a distraction and allowed Big Swole to be pinned. The title change wasn’t a surprise because Swole is now with AEW and she probably needed to drop the title.

Head over to our friends at PW Insider for EVOLVE coverage because I am covering Queens Of The Ring 2 on YouTube which is running against it.

I know I said last year that I would be abandoning coverage of SHINE. I had a change of heart when I saw how much website traffic each of their events bring in to this website.

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