PROGRESS Results 1/19/20: New Champion

PROGRESS Chapter 101 results from London, U.K. at the Electric Ballroom on 1/19/20:

Warren Banks pinned Rudy Ryan after a spear.

PROGRESS World Champion Eddie Dennis came out and said he’s injured with a separated shoulder so he has to give up the title. He wanted to had it over to Mark Andrews. Matt Richards said that wasn’t happening and he made a 4-Way Elimination Match main event for the suddenly vacant title. Cara Noir is in as a bye, but three others will compete in qualifying matches for the spots.

Ilja Dragunov pinned Mark Andrews after the Torpedo Moskau in a qualifier.

Pretty Deady beat More Than Hype.

Kyle Fletcher pinned LJ Cleary in a qualifier after a tombstone.

Proteus Champion Paul Robinson beat A-Kid by submission in a qualifier.

The O.J.M.O., Oisin Delaney, and Charlie Carter beat Danny Duggan, Spike, and Bill Eaver when O.J.M.O. pinned Duggan after a frog splash.

PROGRESS Women’s Champion Jinny pinned Mercedez Blaze after the Acid Rain Maker. After the match, Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans attacked Jinny.

Cara Noir won the vacant Unified World Title in the main event elimination match.

Kyle Fletcher eliminated Paul Robinson after a tombstone for the pin.

Cara Noir pinned Kyle Fletcher to eliminate him.

Cara Noir pinned Ilja Dragunov after a package piledriver to win the match.

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