Steve Gillespie Dead At 56

Retired Canadian pro wrestler Steve Gillespie was found dead in his car on 1/18/20. No other details are known at this time. He was 56.

Gillespie wrestled in the final years of Stampede in the late 1980s. He appeared in Canadian indies throughout the 1990s, including Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling where Lance Storm and Chris Jericho also wrestled in early in their careers. He held the CRMW Mid-Heavyweight Title twice and the CRMW Tag Team Titles three times with three different partners (Katana, Steve Wilde, and Eric Freeze). He appeared as talent enhancement several times for the WWF’s TV tapings that were held in Canada during his career.

He is best known for his time in Japan in the early to mid 1990s under the name Dr. Hannibal with Dr. Luther as his tag team partner (the same Dr. Luther who’s currently in AEW). They worked a lot in FMW and feuded with Sabu, The Sheik, Mr. Onita, Big Titan, and Horace Boulder just to name a few.

In those days, the newsletters were starting to become more known to pro wrestling fans and they covered the hardcore matches in FMW regularly. If you lived in places like Detroit, NYC, Chicago, and LA, you were lucky enough to have a Japanese bookstore in the area that would get all of the TV shows and pay-per-views on VHS to rent a week after they aired in Japan. If you had AOL, or any other old school dial up Internet service, you could find tape traders and online pro wrestling video retailers to get shows from Japan that way to see what all the buzz was about with FMW, IWA Japan, and WAR.

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