Schadenfreude & Friends 6 Results 1/22/20

Schadenfreude & Friends 6 results from Manchester, U.K. 🇬🇧 at Frog and Bucket on 1/22/20:

Luke Jacobs won a 4-Way Match over Big Guns Joe, Callum Newman, and Ethan Allen by pinning Allen.

Aleah James pinned Mad Kurt after a moonsault.

Kid Lykos II (Joe Nelson under a mask) pinned Dean Allmark after a brainbuster. The locker room came out after the match to have a little celebration for Allmark’s 20th Anniversary in pro wrestling.

Intermission- the next show is 2/18 back at Frog and Bucket.

Mark Davis and Inflatable Kid Lykos (a blow up doll) vs. Inflatable Mark Davis (another blow up doll) and Kid Lykos went to no contest when the dolls ended up getting destroyed.

Chris Brookes, Konosuke Takeshita, and Kyle Fletcher beat The Anti-Fun Police when Brookes got the pin after diving off the balcony on a stack on boxes and Federales Jr. for the pin.

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