WWF’s Hulkamania Officially Began on 1/23/84

Today marks the anniversary 36th Anniversary of the big WWF event that aired on MSG Network from NYC at MSG. It was a loaded card that featured the famous WWF Title change with Hulk Hogan defeating The Iron Sheik.

Here were the result. The commentators for the matches in the provided YouTube links are Gorilla Monsoon and Pat Patterson :

Tony Garea pinned Jose Luis Rivera. Garea would later become a longtime agent for the WWF and Rivera would become half of the masked jobber tag teams The Shadows and The Conquistadors in the WWF.

Mr. Fuji and Tiger Chun Lee went to a 20:00 minute time limit draw with Invader #1 and Invader #2 (Jose Gonzalez and Jonny Rivera under masks). https://youtu.be/1TFEw_EdaSc

The Masked Superstar pinned Chief Jay Strongbow after a clothesline. https://youtu.be/ekAwiD94MQk

Sgt. Slaughter beat Ivan Putski by count out. https://youtu.be/sMUGWIOKExo

Paul Orndorff pinned Salvatore Bellamo after the piledriver.

Intercontinental Champion Don Muraco went to a double disqualification brawl. https://youtu.be/09dNMyGFWpE

The Haiti Kid and Tiger Jackson beat Pancho Boy and Dana Carpenter in a 2 out of 3 falls minis match.

Hulk Hogan pinned WWF Champion The Iron Sheik to win the title and become WWF Champion for the first time. Hulkamania won born in the WWF but Hogan had been using the term going back to his time in the AWA a couple of years before. https://youtu.be/Kq0eK0NJ-_s

Jimmy Snuka pinned Rene Goulet after the top rope splash.

Andre The Giant and WWF Tag Team Champions Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas beat The Wild Samoans (Afa, Sika, and Samula) when Andre pinned Samula after the sit down splash. https://youtu.be/o4qF8CLaGXM

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