Heavy Metal Wrestling Results 1/24/20

Heavy Metal Wrestling “Cease and Destroy” results from San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at 502 Bar on 1/24/20 and live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/heavymetalwrestling

King Rob Love and Kiefer Bartek came out at the start. Bartek cut a promo on Tessa Blanchard without mentioning her by name. He said a person was supposed to be on the show but now they’re not because they’re a bully who spit on someone. The feed went out for a couple minutes so I didn’t hear the rest of it.

When the feed came back on, Bartek and Love were brawling in the ring with Max Heights.

King Rob Love vs. Max Heights

Love got the pin after using an object handed to him by Bartek.

Dirty Andy Dalton vs. Clay Roberts

Dalton got the pin after a punch to the face and the brainbuster. They fist bumped in respect after the match.

Gregory Iron vs. Max Castellanos

Castellanos got the pin after throwing a beer at Iron and using a swinging side slam finisher. Castellanos spit on him and poured more beer over him after the match.

Corvus vs. Johnny Bedlam vs.Rob The Builder (with Dan The Man) vs. Jeff Gant vs. Chocolate Papi vs. DXC vs. Pistolera vs. Tommy Bolton in an 8-man Scramble

Bolton got the pin on Rob The Builder after Dan The Man pulled the referee out of the ring when Bolton was about to lose.

Dan The Man cut a promo after the match and said he’s a shot caller and a star maker and Bolton is his newest acquisition.

Rodney Mack then came out and slowly walked in the ring. Dan told Bolton to “get him”. Mack gave Bolton a spine buster and then he speared Dan.

Allie Kat vs. Great Scott in a Death Match

Scott got the pin after throwing Kat into a door that she set up in the corner of the ring and following with a pumphandle slam.

Veda Scott vs. Christi Jaynes vs. J. Serious

Scott pinned Serious. Jaynes was knocked off the top rope and the referee went out to the floor to check on her. Gregory Iron entered the ring with a chair and he rammed Serious in the gut with it to help Scott get the win.

Scott sat on Iron’s lap after the match and cut a rambling promo. She said she sent him DMs (conveying he was her planned back up all along I guess). She gloated that Heavy Metal Wrestling is stuck with the two of them together now.


Heavy Metal Champion Reuben Steel vs. Keifer Bartek (with King Rob Love) in a Hardcore Match

Bartek won the title after a choke slam on a broken door covered in thumbtacks.

This was really good. Right at the opening bell Bartek speared Steel into a door set up in the ring and delivered a lariat to make it look like it would be over quick but Steel kicked out.

Steel did a senton on Bartek from off the ring into a door on the floor but the door didn’t break. He tried it again but the camera lost the action in all the turmoil.

Bartek used a barb wire bat on Steel’s head to make him bleed. Later, he gave him a jackknife power bomb on a door covered in thumbtacks set up between a chair and the top rope.

Great Scott, Jeff Gant, and Rob Love all ran in after Steel to try to help Bartek during the match but Steel managed to fight them off by giving them all stunners.

Su Yung vs. Prince Adam

Adam is a substitute for Kody Lane who suffered a concussion on the Inspire Pro Wrestling show last weekend.

Yung got the pin after spraying the mist in Adam’s face while he was on the top rope and then giving him a mandible claw slam on the guardrail he brought into the ring.

This was really good. Yung dominated the first few minutes. Adam recovered and gave her a shotgun drop kick to the back of her head as she was laying in the corner. He quickly followed up to hit a second rope moonsault and then he locked her in an armbar.

Adam chopped her a couple times across the chest when she was cornered on the ropes. She bit his hand when he tried to chop her again.

Yung tried to go for the Panic Switch but he escaped and countered with a brainbuster.

Adam brought in the guardrail. Yung ended up being laid out on it. He went off the ropes with what was apparently a senton but she moved out of the way and he landed right on the guardrail.

Gino Medina vs. ASF

Medina got the pin after what I can best describe as an inverted TKO into a face buster off the second rope.

Excellent match with a fast pace and all sorts of counters. It was hard to keep to take notes at 1am EST (and I’ve been up since 4am). They shook hands, hugged, and fist bumped when it was over.

Joe Demaro vs. MASADA

MASADA got the pin after knee shot with a chair into Demaro’s face.

This was a wild main event that saw MASADA destroy Demaro in the last few minutes. He grabbed a beer bottle from a fan and broke it on the ring post then used it to cut the forehead of Demaro. Later, he gave Demaro a big armdrag sending him flying into a door in the corner of the ring and it broke.

MASADA had his usual wooden spikes and stuck them into the cut from the bottle on Demaro’s head. He tossed Demaro into another door.

This was a really good show especially if you like good brawls and hardcore wrestling. Usually I do not but it was a fun event watch tonight.

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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