Horror Icon Linnea Quigley To Open An Animal Shelter

“Scream Queen” Linnea Quigley announced she has bought property which will be revamped into an animal rescue. She is calling it “Moulin Rouge”. I know Nicole Kidman is her favorite actress so I think it’s probably a safe bet that she named it after the 2001 movie starring Kidman.

Quigley has been a good friend to me over the last few years. When I told her that I was planning on doing this website, I mentioned I wanted it to be more than just pro wrestling. I couldn’t think of a name for it at the time. Without hesitation, she said “What about Wrestling With Demons?” I thought it was perfect and pretty cool having the suggestion come from “Suzanne” of 1988’s “Night of the Demons”. https://youtu.be/tQ7gSRfUCH0

In addition to the animal rescue, she has been directing her “Extras” documentary and filmed the horror movie “The Barn 2”.

She is asking her fans for donations if they can to help set up Moulin Rouge. Before she bought the property, she had been bringing in countless animals into her own home as recuses for years while supporting other animal charity groups around the world. https://www.gofundme.com/f/linnea-quigley039s-moulin-rougue

When her schedule allows it, she does tarot card readings live over the phone for $50. She gave me one a couple of years ago. It was so eerily accurate I never wanted to do another one with her 😆. https://linnea-quigley.com/product/personal-tarot-card-reading/

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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