NOAH Global Jr. League Finals 1/30/20 FREE Show

The big news this week was the announcement of CyberAgent buying Pro Wrestling NOAH. The Japanese media company also owns Tokyo Joshi Pro, DDT, and GanPro which can all be seen on DDT Universe. They own the wonderful Ambema TV steaming service as well which is one of a few streaming services from Japan that I depend on to do coverage.

DDT Universe is the best value in my opinion at only $8.25 USD. They air several events from their various promotions live and other events are posted up a few days after they take place. Now Pro Wrestling NOAH will be part of it too, so today’s free event airing is a way to celebrate the new addition.

Pro Wrestling NOAH “GLOBAL JR. LEAGUE 2020” results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Korakuen Hall on 1/30/20 and free and live on DDT Universe:

Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. pinned Kinya Okada with the Wagner Driver.

HAYATA, YO-HEY, and Tadasuke beat Kotaro Suzuki, Atsushi Kotoge, and Chris Ridgeway when YO-HEY pinned Kotoge pinned after a assisting superkick from HAYATA.

Mohammed Yone and Quiet Storm beat Akitoshi Saito and Masao Inoue when Storm pinned Inoue after the Funky Buster Bomb.

Daisuke Harada pinned Hajime Ohara with the Katayama German Suplex in a Global Jr. League semifinals match.

Dick Togo beat Yoshinari Ogawa by submission with a crossface lock in a Global Jr. League semifinals match.

Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya, Yoshiki Inamura, Haoh and Nio beat Naomichi Marufuji, Kaito Kiyomiya, Minoru Tanaka, Hitoshi Kumano and Junta Miyawaki when Kenoh pinned Miyawak after the PFS diving foot stomp.

Takashi Sugiura, Kazuyuki Fujita and Hideki Suzuki beat Go Shiozaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima and Shuhei Taniguchi when Fujita used a sleeper hold on Taniguchi.

Daisuke Harada pinned Dick Togo with the Katayama German Suplex to win the Global Jr. League finals.

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