REV PRO “GRLZ Vol. 1” Results 1/25/20

Revolution Pro Wrestling results of their all-women show “GRLZ Vol. 1” from Huntingdon, U.K. 🇬🇧 at The Commemoration Hall and on RPW On Demand

They announced ahead of time that Bobbi Tyler, Seleziya Sparks, and Maddison Miles were going to be off the show.

Kasey pinned Chakara after the Killing Joke.

Lana Austin pinned Jayde after a DDT.

Shanna pinned Debbie Keitel after the Dragon Slayer.

NightShade pinned Charli Evans after the choke bomb when Jayde interfered.

Debbie Keitel came out and issued an open challenge.

Debbie Keitel pinned Session Moth Martina. Martina spit her beer at her after the loss and Keitel beat her down. Shanna made the save.

Gisele Shaw and Millie McKenzie beat Zoe Lucas and Zan Phoenix when McKenzie pinned Lucas after a chick kick from Shaw.

On the Rev Pro evening show called “Live in Huntingdon” at the same venue, Gisele Shaw won a #1 con. match for the British Women’s Title over Shanna, Kasey Owens, and Debbie Keitel. British Women’s Champion Zoe Lucas beat Millie McKenzie.

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