CMLL results from Puebla City, Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ at Arena Puebla on 2/3/20:

El Malayo, Policeman, and El Perverso beat Espiritu Maligno, Rey Apocalypsis, and Toro Bill Jr.

Maligno submitted Policeman in the first fall.

Perverso submitted Maligno in the second fall.

Perverso submitted Bill in the third fall.

Atomo, El Gallito, and Microman beat Chamuel, Mije, and Zacarias

Zacarias submitted Microman in the first fall.

Gallito pinned Chamuel in the second fall.

Microman beat Chamuel by Disqualification in the third fall. Microman was about to pin him after a hurricanrana so he ripped off Microman’s mask for the foul.

Hechicero, El Sagrado, and Vangellys beat Audaz, Dulce Gardenia, and Fuego

Vangellys pinned Audaz with a Northern Lights Suplex as Sagrado submitted Fuego at the same time in the first fall.

Gardenia pinned Hechicero with a jackknife pin in the second fall.

Hechicero submitted Gardenia with a clutch hold in the third fall.

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Star, Jr. beat Cavernario, Negro Casas, and Felino

Felino pinned Roja and Cavernario pinned Star Jr. in the first fall.

Star Jr. submitted Casas after Cavernario and Felino accidentally collided into each other and ended up getting into a shoving match. Casas tried to be the peacemaker but they shoved him.

Oro and Roja got the pin from begin on Cavernario and Felino while they argued and then got into a fist fight in the third fall.

Cuatrero, Sanson, and Forastero beat Caristico, Soberano, Jr., and Titan

Cuatrero submitted Caristico in the first fall.

Soberano and Titan got the fall on Forastero and Sanson at the same time in the second fall.

Cuatrero beat Caristico in a swerve Disqualification by taking off his own mask and throwing it at Caristico while the referee was ducking out of the way to avoid being bumped. When the referee saw Caristico had the mask in his hands, he called it a foul.

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