GCW in Japan “The Art Of War” results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 2/5/20:

This show will air tape delayed by a day on FITE https://www.fite.tv/watch/gcw-the-art-of-war-tokyo/2p5x9/

Tomoya Hirata and GENTARO beat Shigehiro Irie and Kikutaro when GENTARO pinned Kikutaro with an inside cradle. Kikutaro was showing off to the fans too long by teasing giving the delayed brainbuster and he got rolled up.

Toru Sugiura pinned KTB after a Spanish Fly.

Daisuke Sekimoto pinned Chris Dickinson with a dead lift German Suplex.

Ryuji Ito, Toshiyuki Sakuda, and Drew Parker beat Matthew Justice, Jimmy Lloyd, and Orin Veidt when Ito pinned Veidt after the Dragon Splash with light tubes on Veidt’s chest. A weed wacker came into play as a weapon at one point during the match. Lloyd tried to use it on Parker, but Parker was able to fight him off and jammed it into his stomach.

Abdullah Kobayashi pinned SHLAK after a piledriver into light tubes followed up by an elbow drop off the top rope. This was said to be really wild with several light tubes set up hanging in the ropes.

Isami Kodaka, Takashi Sasaki, and Kenji Fukimoto beat Danny Havoc, Matt Tremont, and Alex Colon when Kodaka pinned Havoc after a diving double knees shot off a ladder with light tubes on Havoc’s chest.

Masashi Takeda has been out of action after suffering an arm injury on the 2/3/20 show, which was the first night of these events.

One of the Japanese referees suffered a few cuts and scrapes from some of the weapons on today’s show.

Today’s show is the last of the three events that are scheduled to air on FITE but several of the GCW roster will be on the FREEDOMS event on 2/10/20 at Korakuen Hall. FREEDOMS Tag Team Champions Violento Jack and Mammoth Sasaki will defend against Chris Dickinson and Mathew Justice.

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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