Tokyo Joshi Pro Results 2/11/20: Raku Wins!

Tokyo Joshi Pro results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Kitazawa Town Hall on 2/11/20 and live on DDT Universe

International Princess Champion Thunder Rosa returns on 3/1/20 to defend against Shoko Nakajima.

Sena Shiori is off this show due to illness.

An all women audience show will take place on 4/26/20 at Itabashi Green Hall and it will be FREE for women fans to attend.

As I mentioned the other day Shoko Nakajima, Miyu Yamashita, Mina Shirakawa, and Pom Harajuku had high profile cameo guest starring roles on the most recent episode of “S.W.A.T.” on CBS. They were all involved in a great choreographed TV fight scene with the law enforcement agent characters. The episode is titled “Ekitai Rashku”.

Hyper Misao and Nodoka Tenma vs. Yuna Manase and Mahiro Kiryu

Misao pinned Kiryu after the Haipami Returns standing driving elbow.

Shoko Nakajima and Yuki Kamifuku vs. Yuki Aino and Haruna Neko

Aino pinned Kamifuku after the Venus DDT. She gave Nakajima the gut wrench suplex earlier but Nakajima rolled out of the ring.

Mina Shirakawa vs. Miyu Yamashita

Yamashita got the pin after the Attitude Adjustment.

There was a situation before the finish where either Shirakawa was stunned or the finish was just off. Yamashita delivered a face crusher followed by the spin kick and it looked like the end. The referee counted to two and everyone in the match paused. It did look like Shirakawa got a shoulder up to stop the count. Yamashita then picked her up for the AA.

Good match that started off with pure technical wrestling in the first few minutes.

Maki Itoh, Pom Harajuku, and Raku vs. Miu Watanabe, Rika Tatsumi, and Suzume

Raku pinned Watanabe after a swinging neck breaker. The crowd cheered in surprise and applauded her as this was her first pin fall victory. Maki Itoh immediately tackled her in celebration.

The camera zoomed really close to Raku’s face as she was crying tears of joy. She cut a promo and thanked the fans. She asked Tatsumi and Watanabe for a Tag Team Titles shot and they agreed. They asked who her partner would be. It will be Maki Itoh. Itoh said she will train Raku so they can win the titles. This whole segment was very emotional and well done.


Natsumi Maki and Hikari Noa vs. Mizuki and Mirai Maiumi

Maki pinned Maiumi with the backlash.

Princess of Princess Champion Yuka Sakazaki vs. Lana Austin

Sakazaki got the pin after the Magical Girl Splash in a good solid match. Sakazaki had all of her teeth and the picture perfect smile after the “tooth attack” by Britt Baker on AEW Dynamite last week on TNT.

Sakazaki cut a promo after the match and put over Austin. She said they have wrestled each other a few times and thinks they make each other better each time.

She said she will defend the Princess of Princess Title on the TJPW in USA show on 4/3/20 in Ybor City, Florida at The Ritz against anybody from any country. She said it’s a major milestone for the company to come to America. Tickets are available here:

This show was only two hours but it was a strong show that got people over, created new storylines and made you want to see future events.

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