OVW “Ladies Unleashed” Results 2/18/20: New Women’s Champion

Ohio Valley Wrestling results of their first all-women “Ladies Unleashed” event from Louisville, Kentucky at Davis Arena on 2/18/20 and live on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cdXYeugkSDg

There will be qualifying matches leading to a #1 con. Fatal 4-Way Match for Ray Lyn’s OVW Women’s Title.

Mazzerati vs. Megan Bayne

Bayne got the pin after a chokeslam.

Madison Rayne came out to the ring for an interview. She said it wasn’t right that she has to compete to qualify being a former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. She said she heard a rumor that Heidi Katrina hurt her foot.

Katrina came out noticeably limping. She was wearing a boot. She said “you win some, you lose some” but she won’t be kept down.

Rayne said she has been on the phone with her lawyers and she gets a bye to the main event.

Bayne came out and said Rayne has to face her in the main event and tried to intimidate her.

Ray Lyn came out to interrupt. She said she wanted to stir things up so she decided that she will enter herself into the match and defend the title to make it a 5-Way.

The announcers said Katrina fractured her foot during training. (I’ve been told she will probably need surgery on it).

Max The Impaler vs. Queen Aminata

Max got the pin after a spear.

Sarah The Rebel vs. Cali Young

Young got the pin using her feet on the ropes. The announcers mentioned Sarah is a regular in WOW. (She’s Razor in WOW).

OVW Women’s Champion Ray Lyn vs. Madison Rayne vs. Max The Impaler vs. Megan Bayne vs. Cali Young

Rayne won the title by pinning Young with Cross Rayne as everyone else was down outside the ring. Rayne taunted Lyn with the title and they got into a shoving match.

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