SCHADENFREUDE & Friends Results 2/18/20: Chris Brookes Last Show

SCHADENFREUDE & Friends results from Manchester, U.K. 🇬🇧 at the Frog & Bucket on 2/18/20:

This show is a temporary goodbye to Chris Brookes who is one of the owners of the group. He will be wrestling in Japan full time now for at least a year.

Ethan Allen, Chris Ridgeway, and Luke Jacobs beat The Anti-Fun Police.

An Inflatable Shark (who was Aleah James) on an Inflatable Battle Royal eliminating El Phantasmo last.

Eddie Kingston pinned Kyle Fletcher with a Tiger Suplex.

Mad Kurt beat Big Guns Joe in a 3 Stages of Help Match which was arm wrestling, a push up contest, and an Eat The Bread Challenge.

Chris Brookes came out to have his farewell gauntlet match which will have 1-minute time limits for each match.

Brookes beat Aleah James.

Brookes beat El Phantasmo.

Brookes went to a draw with Ethan Allen, Chris Ridgeway, and Luke Jacobs.

Brookes won a Scramble Match over Chuck Mambo, Shay Purser, LK Mezinger, Man Like DeReiss, and Eddie Dennis.

Brookes went to a draw with Chris Egan.

Eddie Kingston beat Brookes.

Warren Banks beat Brookes.

Brookes beat Tate Mayfairs.

Brookes beat The OJMO.

Brookes beat Mad Kurt.

James Greenwood (a referee for a few U.K. groups) beat Brookes.

Brookes went to a draw with Charli Evans.

Dean Allmark beat Brookes.

Flash Morgan Webster beat Brookes.

Brookes beat Kid Lykos.

Brookes beat Mark Davis.

Brookes beat Mark Davis and Kid Lykos.

Brookes beat Lykos.

Brookes went to a draw with Kyle Fletcher.

Brookes and Kid Lykos II beat Jim Hunter and Lee Hunter in a no-time limit match.

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