Japan Weekend Madrid Results 2/15/20 & 2/16/20

RCW Spain Results as part of Japan Weekend in Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 at IFEMA on 2/15/20 and 2/16/20:


TJ Charles pinned Ronin Ryder.

Faith Hayden won a 3-Way Match over S.J. Maruri and Lila Kyle.

YUU pinned ThrashMan after the Last Ride Powerbomb.

David Ross pinned Red Amethys after a chokeslam.

Mina Shirakawa pinned NightShade after the Last Ride Powerbomb.

2/16/20 shows:

Red Amethys beat S.J. Maruri.

Jacob Knight beat Ronin Rider.

Fire Shadow beat Jekyll Fox. The Wrestling Ireland 24/7 365 Open Challenge Champion Yawara was the guest referee.

After the match, Yawara was getting interviewed and she ended up being attacked by an unknown masked person. Israel Pinto, who’s the Japan Weekend Madrid promoter, then pinned her to win the title.

Sam Danko, an announcer for RCW, Spain gave Pinto a low blow and pinned him to win the OCC Title.

Rafa Insunza, another RCW Spain announcer (who once worked for WWE’s website), jumped Danko to win the title.

During the afternoon show YUU, Yawara, and TJ Charles all won the OCC Title. It was revealed that Charles was the mystery person who attacked Yawara on the morning show.

Irish Wrestling Champion Cambo Cray beat TJ Charles to retain that title and also win the OCC Title.

Lila Kyle beat Ronin Ryder.

YUU pinned Faith Hayden after the Last Ride Powerbomb.

ThrashMan beat Elias (not the WWE wrestler).

A-Kid beat Red Amethys by submission.

Mina Shirakawa and Sara Leon beat NightShade and Yawara when Shirakawa pinned Yawara.

There will be Japan Weekend in Madrid in September 2020.

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