Kagetsu Retirement Show Results 2/24/20

Kagetsu’s “Many Face” retirement show results from Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵 at Edion Arena on 2/24/20. This is her own independent promoted event. I’m told it will air on Samurai TV on 3/3/20:

YUU, Syuri, and Leyla Hirsch beat Natsuko Tora and Natsu Sumire when YUU pinned Sumire after the Last Ride Powerbomb. Jamie Hayter was supposed to be in this to make it a trios match but it was announced on 2/22 that she would not be able to compete and she would not be replaced. It turned into a 3 on 2 match without her.

AZM won a 3-Way Match over Kaho Kobayashi and Mei Suruga by pinning Suruga.

Kagetsu was the mystery opponent against Saya Iida. She defeated Iida by submission.

Jinsei Shinzaki, Zeus, and GAINA beat Kazuki Hashimoto, Kamui, and Daina Mido when Shinzaki pinned Mido after a powerbomb.

Meiko Satomura pinned Kagetsu after the Scorpio Rising in 21:07 minutes.

Hazuki was at the show and was part of the tribute ceremonies for Kagetsu.

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