Batista And Cedric The Entertainer Talk Pro Wrestling

Dave Bautista (aka Batista) and Cedric the Entertainer were guests of “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” on CBS tonight.

Bautista was there to promote his upcoming movie “My Spy” which will be released on 3/13/20. Cedric was doing PR for the CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood”.

Right at the start of the segment, Cordon mentioned Batista was going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. He said Batista wasn’t always known by that name when he started out in pro wrestling and asked him for his backstory.

Batista said he was once called Leviathan who was supposed to be a demon from deep in the sea. He said he was working for an “old school promoter” at the time. He said it a very gimmicky character.

Cordon asked him if he was embarrassed by the character. Batista said he was very embarrassed by it. Cordon then did the typical talk show host “set up” where he showed an old OVW clip of Leviathan coming up out of the water.

Cordon asked Cedric if he was a fan of pro wrestling. Cedric said he was. He said he grew up in St. Louis and watched Tojo Yamamoto, Dick The Bruiser and Junkyard Dog on “Wrestling At The Chase”.

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