Bar Wrestling 54 Results 2/27/20

Bar Wrestling results of their “Mach 1” event from Pomona, California at The Glass House on 2/27/20:

Wentz, Dez, and Chris Bey beat Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack, and Daga when all three pinned Mack after Bey’s springboard cutter finisher and a couple of top rope splashes from Dez and Wentz.

Taya Valkyrie pinned Kimber Lee.

Chris Adonis beat Orange Cassidy by full nelson submission. Cassidy at one point knocked Adonis down with a Superman Man punch. The finish came when Cassidy came flying off the top rope but Adonis moved out of the way and caught him in the full nelson.

Diamanté and Keira Hogan beat Joey Ryan and Miranda Alize when Diamanté pinned Ryan after a Hogan assisted Code Red. Ryan accidentally shoved his lollipop into Alize’s mouth and then Diamanté shoved them into each other before to set up the finish.


WATTS won a 4-Way Match over Trey, Matt Cross, and Adrian Quest.

Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly won the Jon Ian Tag Team Invitational over Heather Monroe and Dom Kubrick… Ray Rosas and Andy Brown… Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera… YUMA and BHK… Phoenix Star and Zokre. This was Doom’s first match back after getting injured several months ago.

The main event, and tonight’s event, were named in honor of Jon Ian who passed away in early January. He was a promoter for a group called Mach 1. He also worked for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, PWG, and other companies in California throughout his career.

The original card was supposed to have Joey Ryan vs. Kris Statlander and WATTS vs. Miranda Alize vs. Adam Brooks vs. Adrian Quest. They announced on Wednesday that Statlander would miss action due to the flu and Brooks was out with work visa issues.

The next show is 3/11/20 in Los Angeles at Bootleg Theatre. They are back at the American Legion in Baldwin Park on 3/26/20.


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