SHINE 65 Results 2/29/20

SHINE 65 results from Woodside, N.Y., USA 🇺🇸 at La Boom on 2/29/20 and live on FITE TV (and Club WWN)

Trevin Adams and Lenny Leonard are the announcers.

La Rosa Negra pinned Jay Raves after the Flying La Rosa. Ayla Fox was scouting the match. She needs new people to represent with Big Swole in AEW and Aja Perera (aka Aja Smith) in WWE NXT now. Negra showed sportsmanship after the match as she put Raves up on her shoulders and danced.

Candy Cartwright pinned Vipress by holding the tights.

Jenna went to a Double Disqualification with Double D’Rose when they both hit the referee and continued to brawl. Ayala Fox was scouting this match too.

Alex Gracia pinned Stormie Lee with a cradle. Brandi Lauren tried to distract the referee but it didn’t work. Gracia was attacked by Lauren after the match. Lauren put her in the Rings of Lauren and Natalia Markova made the save to set up the next match.

SHINE Nova Champion Natalia Markova beat Brandi Lauren by Disqualification when Stormie Lee ran in and attacked Markova just as she was about to pin Lauren. Lauren then put Markova in the Rings of Lauren until a few other referees came out to help break it up.

SHINE Tag Team Champions Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson beat Avery Taylor and Brittany Blake when Blake was pinned after she accidentally kicked Taylor and got caught with Belle and Jameson’s double team finisher.

SHINE Tag Team Champion Ivelisse pinned Lindsay Snow after the rolling snapmare and kick to the face. Jake Clemons was the referee. He was the heel referee on WWE Raw last week who cost Kevin Owens the match against Randy Orton. The announcers joked that they were glad he can count fair and evenly again but they wouldn’t elaborate because WWE didn’t acknowledge who he was on Raw.

They announced a return date to the venue on 6/13/20.

Thanks to Steve Grant for the initial quick results of this report.

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