Ladies Night Out 9 Doubleheader Results 2/29/20

Ladies Night Out 9 results from Texas City, Texas at World Gym Arena and streaming live for free on the Title Match Network YouTube page on 2/29/20:

The announcers are Matt Topolski and Brittani Nikole.

I don’t know how long they will keep these shows posted up on YouTube. They will eventually be archived for VOD as well on the Title Match Network stream service for $10 a month (or two weeks free for new subscribers).

Matinee Show-

Phoebe vs. The Insidious One

Phoebe got the win with a butterfly submission hold.

Amber Rodriguez vs. Myka Madrid

Nicole said Rodriguez has been gone from wrestling for four years because she joined the military and had a child.

Madrid got the pin after collapsing on Rodriguez and using her feet on the ropes when Rodriguez tried to go for a monkey flip in the corner.

Promise Braxton vs. AQA

This is AQA’s big return to the LNO brand after being out with an injury since Summer 2019. She officially returned to the ring on 1/11/20 at Impact Wrestling’s “Arlington Brawl” live special on Twitch.

AQA got the pin after a running shooting star press. They were given a lot of time and AQA received a hero’s welcome from the crowd.

Uju and Melia Jae vs. Raychell Rose and Vert Vixen

This is Rose’s return to LNO after being out since late last year with an arm injury.

Rose pinned Jae after superkick when Jae accidentally collided into Uju for a second time in the match.

Jae tried to apologize after the match but Uju attacked her from behind as she was trying to leave the ring.

ROW Diamond Division Champion Rok-C vs. Vanity in a non-title match

Rok-C got the pin after a face buster.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Heather Monroe vs. Tesha Price

Monroe got the pin after the michinoku driver.

Jordynne Grace vs. Miranda Alize

Grace got the pin after a Vader Bomb and the Grace Driver.

This was really good. Grace destroyed Alize early on with a sliding lariat then followed up with a jackhammer. The crowd chanted “Better than Goldberg”. Grace nodded in approval and blew them a kiss for saying it.

Action spilled to the outside for a little bit. Grace gave Alize a side slam on the announcers table. Alize recovered and poked Grace in the eye then gave her a DDT on the floor.

Alize hit a suicide dive before Grace could get back in the ring. Back in the ring, she connected with a couple of superkicks.

Evening Show-

Uju vs. Melia Jae

Jae got the pin with a roll up.

Tesha Price vs. Jazmine Allure

Price got the win with a straight jacket choke submission.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Heather Monroe vs. ROW Diamond Division Champion Rok-C in a non-title Champion vs. Champion match

Raychell Rose came out just before the start and hugged Monroe. She sat in a chair at ringside to watch the match up close and held Monroe’s title in her lap.

Rok-C won by Disqualification. Rose tossed in the Hurricane Pro Women’s Title into the ring and Monroe hit Rok-C in the face with it right in front of the referee. Monroe was frustrated and concerned after Rok-C kicked out of the michinoku driver.

Vert Vixen and Jenna Lynn vs. Myka Madrid and Promise Braxton

Braxton pinned Lynn after German Suplex set up by Madrid’s superkick. Lynn was isolated by the heels most of the match then Vixen tagged her back in when she wasn’t fully recovered.

Phoebe vs. Miranda Alize

Alize got the pin after the Shining Wizard.

Amber Rodriguez vs. Vanity

Rodriguez got the pin after a big kick to Vanity’s head.

Jordynne Grace vs. Su Yung in a #1 con. match for the Ladies Night Out Title

Grace won by choke submission in a controversial match involving two referees.

During the match, Grace and Ying were fighting in the corner in a superplex position. The referee counted for them to get off the ropes with a 5 count. When they didn’t listen to him, he got frustrated and powerbombed both of them off the ropes in a tower of doom spot.

A second referee ran out and yelled at him for getting so physically involved in the match like that. He ejected him from the ring and made him go to the back. He took over as the new offical.

Su Yung accidentally sprayed the mist in the face of the new referee when Grace moved out of the line of fire. The first referee then ran back down to replace the second referee who was blinded from the mist.

LNO Champion Ivelisse was not at this show because she is also the SHINE Champion. She was on the SHINE 65 show in New York today and successfully defended that title against Lindsay Snow.

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