Tokyo Joshi Pro Tournament Results 3/1/20

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from DDT dojo in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ on 3/1/20 and live on DDT Universe

Everyone in the tournament came to the ring to open the show. The winner gets dinner coupons to Genghis Khan Kirishima restaurant. No fans are allowed in because of the Coronavirus.

Rounds 1-3 will be decided by either 2 count pinfalls, submissions, count outs and disqualifications with a 5 minute time limit. Janken will decide time limit draws (aka rock, paper, scissors).

Semifinals are traditional 3 count pinfalls with a 5 minute time limit. If it goes to draw it’s sudden death with 1 count pinfalls to win.

Finals have a 10 minute time limit with 3 count pinfalls. If it goes to a draw it’s sudden death with a 1 count to win.

Shoko Nakajima, Hikari Noa, Mina Shirakawa, Hikari Noa, and Yuki Aino all received byes to the second round.

Round 1-

Maki Itoh pinned Suzume after a DDT.

Rika Tatsumi pinned Pom Harajuku after a Twist of Fate.

Hyper Misao pinned Mirai Maiumi with a roll up. Misao should have been disqualified after spraying hairspray in the face of Maiumi and the referee. She then threw in a tackling doll that the blinded Maiumi ended up wrestling against for a few minutes. The referee didn’t notice as he was temporarily blinded too.

Miu Watanabe submitted Haruna Neko with a backbreaker.

Nodoka Tenma pinned Mizuki with a reversal of a pin attempt.

Natsumi Maki pinned Sena Shiori after the Backlash.

Yuna Manase went to the 5 minute time limit draw with Raku. Manase beat her in the janken tie breaker with rock over scissors.

Miyu Yamashita pinned Mahiro Kiryu after a running knee shot.

Round 2-

Shoko Nakajima pinned Maki Itoh with an inside cradle.

Hyper Misao pinned Yuki Kamifuku with a roll up. Kamifuku had her pet dog Zac with her and she tried to use it to distract Misao. Misao cradled them both for the win and then she petted the dog gently after the match.

Mina Shirakawa pinned Nodoka Tenma with a roll up.

Hikari Noa pinned Yuna Manase with a folded bridging pin.

Yuki Aino pinned Miyu Yamashita after a gut wrench suplex.

Round 3

Shoko Nakajima went to the 5 minute time limit draw with Rika Tatsumi. Nakajima won the janken tie breaker by rock to scissors.

Miu Watanabe pinned Hyper Misao after the tear drop.

Mina Shirakawa went to the 5 minute time limit draw with Natsumi Maki. Maki hit the backlash when time expired. Shirakawa beat Maki in the janken tie breaker.

Yuki Aino pinned Hikari Noa after the Venus DDT.


Shoko Nakajima went to the 5 minute time limit draw with Miu Watanabe. Nakajima pinned her with a cradle in sudden death.

Yuki Aino pinned Mina Shirakawa after the Venus DDT.

Ring announcer Sayuri Nanba interviewed all of the tournament losers at ringside before the main event. A few of them talked about it being a totally different atmosphere to wrestle in with no crowd for reactions.

Namba had her left middle finger in heavy white bandaging. She said she was cutting up mushrooms and ended up cutting herself.


Shoko Nakajima pinned Yuki Aino after the diving senton to win the tournament. They shook hands and bowed to each other after the match.

Nakajima cut a promo and said she was supposed to face Thunder Rosa for the International Princess Title at Korakuen Hall tonight but it will happen at a later time. She brought out the rest of the roster to celebrate with her.

Tetsuya Koda came to the ring. He said there will be another one of these dojo shows on 3/8/20 (which will be head to head against STARDOM’s YouTube show).

He gave Nakajima the dinner certificate. Nakajima said Aino deserved something too. He said he would pay for her meal as well. Yamashita and the rest of the roster wanted him to pay for all of them too.

This was a nicely done production with lots of faced paced action. They had an broadcast team. Usually TJPW shows have no announcers at all. After each match the winners walked over to the broadcast table to do interviews as the next two competitors quickly walked out to the ring for the next match.

Yuki Sakazaki was not there and was never scheduled to be. She worked with AEW ppv in Chicago teaming with Riho in a loss to Britt Baker and Penelope Ford on the pre-show.

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