“KAYfABE” Kickstarter Launches

After several days of Gail Kim, Amy Dumas, and Christy Hemme doing pretentious teasers that looked like 1990s Obsession perfume ads, KAYfABE was unveiled tonight.

The concept description is long winded and swaggering but it’s a Kickstarter for what sounds like a Netflix GLOW and Lucha Underground knockoff. They’re hoping for at least $400,000 to fund a TV pilot. The larger goal is for over $4 million to produce eight episodes. This just launched at 6:30pm EST on 3/2/20 and it has already earned over $ 35,000 as of this writing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kayfabe/kayfabe

Kim, Hemme, and Dumas are the faces of the project and producers. Jimmy Jacobs and pro wrestling vagabond David Sahadi are among the others involved. Jacobs is responsible for most of the awful B Movie “mini movie” segments that Impact Wrestling does between matches.

Kim and Dumas have been vocal about how they were treated in the pro wrestling business during their careers. Dumas is a supporter of “Me Too” and this show will feature those themes as it relates to pro wrestling. The storylines are supposed to be part “shoot” based on the real experiences of pro wrestlers.

I expect a Vince McMahon level promoter character telling the female wrestler characters things like “you’re not attractive enough. you look too foreign. be more sexy.”

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