Genesis Reunites For “The Last Domino?” In 2020

Genesis today officially confirmed what The Mirror reported yesterday- Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Michael Rutherford are getting back together for the first time since their 2007 world tour. Phil’s son Nic Collins will join them as one of the drummers.

They will be doing a mini concert tour in the United Kingdom in late 2020 in what they’re calling “The Last Domino?” tour. The title is from the song on their 1986 album “Invisible Touch”. It’s a rhetorical way of wondering if this really is their last run because everyone thought they were done for sure after 2007. 

Tickets go on sale on 3/6/20 for these dates:

11/23/20 in Liverpool at M&S Bank Arena

11/26/20 in Newcastle at Utilita Arena

11/29/20 in London at O2 Arena

11/30/20 in London at O2 Arena

12/2/20 in Leeds at First District Arena

12/5/20 in Birmingham at Arena Birmingham

12/8/20 in Manchester at Manchester Arena

12/11/20 in Glasgow at SSE Hydro

Phil Collins wrapped up his solo world tour “Still Not Dead Yet” in October 2019. He’s been looking frail over the past few years due to back and neck issues.

Peter Gabriel (original lead singer), Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips will not be part of this leaving fans a bit disappointed that there won’t be a full reunion with the original band members. They all met back in 2005 with a pitch to do a “Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” tour or musical, but there was no common ground. Collins, Rutherford, and Banks then decided to do the “greatest hits” tour with their long time session players Chester Thompson (drummer) and Daryl Stuermer (guitarist).

Steve Hackett is currently in America, ironically doing a Genesis “Selling England By The Pound” tour. He’s in Detroit tonight (3/4/20) at The Fillmore Theatre. It is a world tour that ends on 12/1/20 in Glasgow at The Royal Concert Hall. He has been doing “Genesis Revisited” albums and tours since the 1990s, content playing his guitar while others sing the classic songs that he helped write. He was with the band from 1971 to 1977.

Peter Gabriel has not toured since 2016 when he was on the road with Sting.

Anthony Phillips hardly ever tours and he always felt more comfortable in a studio than on stage.

Genesis did have one reunion with Gabriel back in 1982 because of an emergency. Gabriel owed debt collectors money after his WOMAD concert was a finincial dud. He was getting death threats over it, so the concert with his old bandmates was a life and death favor to him.

2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of Genesis’ first album “From Genesis To Revelation”. Phil Collins was not part of that album. He joined the band in 1971 for their third album “Nursery Crime” and took over as lead singer in 1976 with the “A Trick of the Tail” album after Gabriel left the band to embark on a solo music career.

In celebration of the reunion announcement, I’ll share some favorite things Genesis and Genesis related here at W.W.D. Their music is usually part of a nightly lineup of Prog Rock and soul music that helps keep me awake and motivated to write on this site during the hours covering the many Japanese wrestling events until 7am.

A 1970’s performance of “Supper’s Ready” featuring Peter Gabriel in all of his glam rock and Kabuki Theatre gimmicks glory. At the end he pulls out what looks like a Lightsaber years before Star Wars was even released. When asked about the meaning of the song, Gabriel once said it was about the Apocalypse. Other members of the group have said it was influenced by The Allies defeating the Nazis in World War 2 which probably explains the ending lines “There’s an Angel standing in the sun and he’s crying in a loud voice: This is the supper of the Mighty One. The Lord of Lord, The King of Kings has returned to lead His children home to take them to the new Jerusalem.” 

Detroit has a special bond with Genesis. Collins and other members of the band were big fans of the Motown sound growing up. They kicked off the “Invisible Touch” world tour in 1986 at Joe Louis Arena with a couple of shows back in the days when big music acts would regularly perform in a city for more than one night. It featured the very first performances of songs that would become hits off of that album like “In Too Deep” and “Throwing It All Away”. Collins’ last studio album thus far was a Motown tribute called “Going Back” (2010). Surviving members of Detroit’s Funk Brothers were part of his band for that.

If you’re Generation X like me or older, the place you could hear select concerts on the radio was the wonderful “King Biscuit Flower Hour” program which aired in the USA in syndication late nights on the weekends. I would be so tired for school on Mondays because it aired Sunday night in my region. Here is the “In The Cage” medley from a Los Angeles concert broadcast on that show. It includes the awesome voice of host Bill Minkin at the very end.

Genesis was so popular in 1986 during the Invisible Touch album and tour, they appeared in a TV ad for Michelob beer featuring their song “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”. Phill Collins guest-starred on the hugely popular NBC show “Miami Vice” as a con man character named “Phil the Shill”. (Several of Collins’ solo songs often appeared in episodes of the show throughout its time on the air.)

Genesis didn’t have a hit single on the radio all over the world until 1978’s “… And Then There Were Three” album. They credit “Follow You, Follow Me” (written by Mike Rutherford) as the song off of it that turned everything around for them. That song became a live version fan favorite and a big part of the concert setlists on a few tours and they believed it created several female fans for the first time. The title of the album was a reflection of Steve Hackett leaving the band for a solo career. They went from writing long Prog Rock songs to songs that were future radio hits.

After Peter Gabriel left in 1975, it didn’t look like Genesis would continue. Collins joined Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips to sing lead vocals on a few songs for their solo albums. Those songs were originally intended to be for Genesis albums.

In the early 1980s, Phil Collins was going through a divorce and he was very depressed. He told Rutherford and Banks he needed to take a break and they agreed to it. He ended up recording songs of his own at home which would become his first two solo albums, “Face Value”(1981) and “Hello, I Must Be Going” (1982). His first solo big hit was “In The Air Tonight” from “Face Value” while “Hello, I Must Be Going” gave everyone going through a breakup (and every fighter getting ready for a literal fight) an anthem with “I Don’t Care Anymore”. There was even one for the “perverts” in the audience with”Thru These Walls”.

In 1996, Phil Collins announced he was leaving the band permanently to focus on his own career. Banks and Rutherford said they would continue under the Genesis name with a new lead singer. Ray Wilson became the new frontman. The new lineup’s “Calling All Stations” album was released in 1997. Casual fans immediately rejected it without Collins being involved and the North American tour was canceled before it started due to slow ticket sales. They did several shows in Europe in 1998 and then Wilson was gone in a quit/fired situation. The album is actually pretty intense and profound in a few tracks. The concept is supposed to be about a man stranded in space, reminiscing with regret on all that he’s left behind on Earth.

Peter Gabriel had a ten-year gap between 1992’s “Us” and “Up” in 2002. He blamed it on a creative block. He had a couple of tracks written for “Up” that he tested out live going back to the mid-1990s. One of those songs was “Signal To Noise”. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died several months after the famous 1996 VH-1 Special performance but his voice was recorded and saved for Up’s final cut of the track and it’s used posthumously in Gabriel’s concerts over the decades since. Since 2002, Gabriel has been back making albums and touring fairly regularly.

Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips continue to march to their own drums by diving into whatever kinds of music they like. They don’t care about radio hits and focus more on sophisticated performance heavily influenced by classical music. Hackett seems more invigorated to go on the road the older he gets. The live performances of “The Steppes” are incredible.

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