FREEDOMS Results 3/6/20

FREEDOMS results from Tokyo, Japan at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 3/6/20:

Takahiro Katori went to double count out with Tatsuya Hanami which led to a Tag Team Match.

Tatsuya Hanami and Ricky Fuji beat Takahiro Katori and Chikara when Fuji pinned Katori after the 9999.

Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei beat Rina Yamashita and GENTARO by Disqualification when GENTARO hit the referee with a big suitcase he was using as a weapon.

Shuichiro Katsumura and Kamui beat Mammoth Sasaki and Yuya Susumu when Katsumura submitted Susumu with a choke hold.

Violento Jack pinned Tomoya Hirata in a Barbwire Board Match. Daisuke Masaoka attacked Jack after the match and ripped off his mask.

Takumi Tsukamato, Kenji Fujimoto, and Minoru Fujita beat Toru Sugiura, Takashi Sasaki, and Yuko Miyamoto in a LightTube Death Match when Tsukamato pinned Sugiura.

It was a defiant show in the midst of the Coronavirus. They was a of disinfecting of the ring and around ringside between matches. They had air fans going with open areas for ventilation. They thanked everyone for coming out and said the country can’t stop pro wrestling or live without it.

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