EVE Riot Grrrls On FITE Results 3/7/20

EVE’s “Women Behaving Badly” event results from London, U.K. 🇬🇧 at the sold out Resistance Gallery on 3/7/20 and live on FITE TV https://www.fite.tv/vl/p/eve-pro-wrestling/

Laura Di Matteo vs. Kira Chimera

Di Matteo got the pin after a tombstone piledriver in a good back and forth opener.

Di Matteo was interviewed in the ring after. She said she’ll get what she wants when Skye Smitson stops breathing.

Kasey vs. Maddison Miles in a #1 con. to the International Title Match

Kasey got the pin after The Killing Joke.

Clementine vs. Jetta

Jetta got the pin after a struggle and then just standing on top of Clementine for the pin.

Fun comedy match as usual when Jetta is involved. Before the match she gave Clementine a gift of an actual clementine fruit. Clementine couldn’t peel it so Jetta offered to help. It was a bit reminiscent of Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper with the coconut as Jetta teased peeling it but smashed Clementine in the head with it.

Jetta was interviewed in the ring after and showed sportsmanship by giving up her mic time to Clementine.

Clementine was chipper and didn’t let the loss get her visibly down. She admitted that she’s lost three in a row in EVE. She said she’ll keep trying.

International Champion Sammii Jayne vs. Holidead

Kasey will face the winner of this match in the main event.

Jayne got the pin after a Frankensteiner off the ropes followed by a DVD.

Jayne did an in-ring interview after. She said she’s a fighting champion and looks forward to facing Kasey.

Holidead refused to be interviewed and intimidated everyone in the ring.


A video was shown of Mercedez Blaze and Chakara. They’re calling themselves The Bad Bitches Club. They challenged Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans for the Tag Titles.

Zoe Lucas vs. Rebel Kinney

Kinney got the pin after a powerslam in just a couple of minutes but Lucas” foot was clearly on the ropes. The referee said the decision was final. Lucas begged Kinney for a restart and Kinney agreed.

Zoe Lucas vs. Rebel Kinney

Lucas got the pin after Lucas Landing.

After the match, Lucas basked in the win and gloated with a big smile. When the interviewer tried to ask her a question she said she didn’t have time for “bullshit” and walked off.

Kinney was interviewed. She said she’s been distracted of late and asked Skye Smitson to come out as her friend. Smitson came out and said she already knew what Kinney’s issues are. She said Kinney doesn’t like the fact she joined Rhia O’Reilly’s stable. She said O’Reilly made her better because she was a loser before.

Kinney wanted to know why Smitson hasn’t called her or returned messages. Smitson made up a bunch of excuses and turned the situation around on Kinney. She questioned the friendship by claiming Kinney wasn’t supportive of her.

Kinney left the ring in frustration and disappointment.

Skye Smitson vs. Session Moth Martina

Smitson got the pin after the Smitson Effect. Martina was on a roll with all kinds of offensive moves but she got caught coming off the ropes. Good match.

Alpha Female vs. EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly

The announcers said this is Alpha’s first time back in EVE since 2018 (she was released from WWE a couple of months ago).

O’Reilly came out without any members of The Uprising.

O’Reilly got the pin after the Rhiadjustment on a chair in the ring.

They brawled in the crowd for a little while. Alpha got her in a choke hold on the bar area. O’Reilly somehow managed to get a hold of a fork and she started stabbing Alpha in the arm with it to break the hold.

After the match, O’Reilly cut an angry promo saying she’s the only alpha in the company.

Jetta came out and said O’Reilly didn’t win the title fairly and she hasn’t defended it fairly. She said O’Reilly only thinks about herself while she comes out to entertain the fans win or lose. She admitted to being “the class clown” too often but said she blocks that voice out of her head when she needs to be serious.

Jetta said she wants to face O’Reilly one more time at the EVE 10th Anniversary Show. O’Reilly refused because she beat Jetta before.

Jetta said she will retire if she doesn’t win the title. O’Reilly seemed to agree and arrogantly left the ring brushing shoulders with Jetta on the way out. That show will be 5/10/20.

Bonnie Knockers was the performance artist act before the main event.

Ring announcer and co-owner Emily Read announced a show for 5/8/20 at The Resistance Gallery called “No Man’s Land” where it will only be open to women and non-binary.

Kasey vs. International Champion Sammii Jayne

Kasey got the pin after a very impressive running knee shot to the face to win the title.

Very good match that had a lot of intensity. They exchanged dives to the outside and then Kasey gave Jayne a DVD on the apron. Jayne delivered a superplex and held on to follow up with a cradle driver but Kasey kicked out. They exchanged German Suplexes and Jayne looked like she landed bad on her neck. Kasey went for a kick to the head but Jayne caught her and gave her a powerbomb.

After the match, Jayne said she had no excuses for the loss. She said she’s invoking her rematch clause for the 4/4/20 show.

Kasey worked for Wrestling Kult in Germany in the morning today then hauled it over to England to work twice on the show in the evening.

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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