STARDOM “No People Gate” On YouTube Results 3/8/20

STARDOM results from their big “No People Gate” show live on YouTube from an empty Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 on 3/8/20

I don’t like being crass or harsh on here but there are a lot of people in the Japanese pro wrestling industry who are really screwed right now because of the Coronavirus. No Gate means no fans, which means no money, which means which means no pay. The longer these event cancellations and “no fans allowed” shows continue, pro wrestling companies and their wrestlers risk becoming totally screwed financially.

If you have a favorite wrestler and company in Japan, please consider buying some merch if you can. And that may not even work if there are overseas shipping bans because of the virus depending on regions.

Jushin Liger is the guest commentator.

They ran down the card with a female announcer speaking in Japanese but the match graphics were in all in English.

The Rumble style match opens the show. Pins, submissions, and getting thrown out of the ring are the rules.

Death Yama San vs. Saya Iida starts it off.

AZM enters and immediately pins Iida.

Momoe Nakanishi enters as a surprise.

Ruaka enters.

Rina enters.

Hina enters.

Everyone pinned Yama San.

Everyone pinned Ruaka.

Captain Stardom entered.

Starlight Kid (who just graduated high school) enters.

Leyla Hirsch enters and bodyslams just about everyone.

Konami enters.

Tam Nakano enters and stomps on everyone who were doing a figure four around the head chain spot on the mat.

Sumire Natsu enters and casually takes her time getting involved while she drinks a bottled water. She spits the water in people’s faces.

Captain Stardom pinned Rina.

Starlight Kid pinned Hina.

Hirsch pinned Captain Stardom.

Saya Kamitani enters.

Mima Shimoda enters as a real surprise.

Konami eliminated Hirsch but the camera barely caught it with the focus on Shimoda.

Shimoda hit Natsu with a chair and pinned her.

Super Strong Starlight Machine enters.

Nakanishi pinned Starlight Kid after a moonsault.

Nakano eliminated Konami knocking her out of the ring.

Shimoda eliminates Nakano out of the ring.

Saya Kamitani eliminates Shimoda by dropkicking off the top rope to the floor.

Machine eliminated Kamitani after a Face Lock Suplex for the pin.

Machine wins the match by eliminating AZM and Nakanishi out of the ring at the same time with a drop kick.

Machine got on the mic and called out Natsuko Tora.

Natsuko Tora vs. Super Strong Stardom Machine

Tora got the pin after a side slam. It was supposed to be Arisa Hoshiki vs. Tora but Hoshiki is out of action due to a neck injury.

Giulia and Maika vs. Jungle Kyona and Hana Kimura

Kyona pinned Maika after the Jungle Buster when Kimura and Giulia were tangled up on the outside.

Kyona challenged Giulia for the Artists of STARDOM Titles.

Goddesses of STARDOM Champions Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter vs. Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashishita

Priestley pinned Watanabe with the Queen’s Landing in a really good match. They worked as if a crowd was there.

Priestley took a beating. She and Watanabe worked against each other for most of the match. Watanabe gave her a series of kicks to the chest in the corner then followed up with a uranage. Later, she gave her a B Driver on the apron and in the ring.

Priestley gave Watanabe the Regal Suplex and a Bea Trigger.

After the match, Saya Kamitani got in the ring and said she wants to team with Hayashishita to challenge for the Tag Titles next. Priestley laughed and thought it was a joke. She said Hayashishita has been having trouble winning titles lately. She called Hayashishita a loser and accepted the challenge. She didn’t think Hayashishita could win the titles with Kamitani if she couldn’t win them with Watanabe just now.

Mayu Iwatani vs. Saki Kashima in a Lumberjack Match

Iwatani got the pin after a delayed tombstone and a moonsault in a good one.

They brawled all over the empty Korakuen Hall. Iwatani did a dive on all of the lumberjacks from the pit balcony.

Kashima hit Iwatani with a chair then pushed her down the long stair case.

Back in the ring, Iwatani gave Kashima a crucifix bomb on all the lumberjacks below.

Iwatani accidentally superkicked the referee when Kashima threw him into her.

Iwatani went to pin Kashima after a missile drop kick but the referee was down.

Iwatani hit a frog splash and a moonsault. The referee was recovered enough to count but Natsuko Tora pulled him out of the ring.

Who knows when the next STARDOM show will be because of the virus.

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