wXw 16 Carat Gold (Night 2) Results 3/7/20

wXw results of “16 Carat Gold 2020” (Night 2) Tournament from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 3/7/20:

Cara Noir beat Jeff Cobb by sleeper in a 2nd Round Match.

Eddie Kingston pinned The Rotation after the backfist in a 2nd Round Match.

Marius Al-Ani pinned Daniel Makabe in a non-tournament match. Al-Ani winning confused the crowd because Makabe won the Ambition 12 tournament early in the day and they expected him to keep the momentum going.

New wXw Tag Team Champions came out and said there will be a #1 con. Gauntlet Match made up of randomly paired tag partners to take place now.

Julian Pace and Puma King vs. Lucky Kid and Leon van Gasteren start it off…

King pinned Kid after his Powerbomb finisher. There was an “evil eye” graphic that appeared on the big screen to cause a distraction to lead to the finish.

Black Taurus and Avalanche are the next team out..

Taurus pinned King.

Tarik and Norman Harras are out next.

Taurus and Avalanche eliminated Tarik and Harras.

DJ Hyde and Levaniel are out as the new team

Avalanche pinned Hyde as Levaniel was doing a promo and not paying attention to the action.

Scotty Davis and Chris Ridgeway now in the match…

Davis pulled off an upset and pinned Taurus..

The next team is Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs…

Allen and Jacobs win the match after a double team finisher on Davis. The they get a shot at the tag titles on the 3/8/20 show We Love Wrestling Show.

Alexander James beat Alpha Kevin by submission in a non-tournament match. Melanie Gray was in Kevin’s corner on crutches. After the match, James continued to beat on Kevin. Gray tried to fight him off with her crutches. Killer Kelly tried to intervene but James kicked away Gray’s crutches and hit Kevin with a chair.

Mike Bailey pinned Bandido after a fall away slam off the ropes in a 2nd Round Match. Fans threw money in the ring after.

Jurn Simmons pinned Shigehiro Irie after a piledriver in a 2nd Round Match.

Irie will face WALTER on the We Love Wrestling afternoon show on 3/8/20.

wXw World Champion Bobby Gunns pinned David Starr after an Emerald Fusion in a title vs. career match. The stipulation was, if Gunns got disqualified he would lose the title and anyone interfering on his behalf would be banned for 6 months.

Starr cut a tearful and thankful promo after. He insisted this wasn’t part of a storyline and he is legitimately leaving the company after 5 years.

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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