RIPTIDE Wrestling Doubleheader Results 3/14/20

RIPTIDE Wrestling results of their “Pride of Brighton” Tournament show from at Brighton Youth Centre in Brighton, U.K. on 3/14/20:

Rob Lias pinned Mad Kurt after a piledriver in a 1st Round tournament match.

CHAKARA pinned Tate Mayfairs after her Widow’s Peak finisher in a 1st Round tournament match.

Gisele Shaw beat Connor Millis by armbar submission in a 1st Round tournament match.


Killer Kelly pinned Millie McKenzie in a non-Tournament match with the Vale da Morte. After the match, Mad Kurt attacked Kelly.

Gene Munny pinned Rishi Ghoshi after a lariat in a 1st Round tournament match. Damon Moser attacked Munny after the match to set up a tag match for the evening show with each of them picking surprise partners.

Cassius pinned Travis Banks after his DDT finisher to retain the Pride Of Brighton Medal in a non-Tournament match.

The tournament will continue on another show at a later date. One of those matches will be Candy Floss vs. Dani Luna which was actually supposed to take place today. Floss is still not medically cleared to compete and Luna was apparently double booked with ATTACK Wrestling.

RIPTIDE Wrestling results of “The Storm” evening event at the same location on 3/14/20:

Damon Moser and Paul Robinson beat Gene Munny and Mille McKenzie when Moser pinned Munny after Munny accidentally hit McKenzie with a lariat.

TK Cooper pinned Warren Banks after the RPS Kick.

Travis Banks pinned Chuck Mambo after the Kiwi Crusher. They’re doing a losing streak storyline with Mambo. His friend TK Cooper suggested that he enter the RIPTIDE Rumble and win it to make up for all of the losses. That show is currently set for 4/24/20 depending on the virus.


Killer Kelly pinned Mad Kurt after the Vale de Morte. She hit him with his own keyboard after the match to get even with him for attacking her on the first show.

Cara Noir went to a Double Disqualification with Mike Bird as two different referees ended up getting bumped in the action. There was a huge pull apart afterwards before they finally got separated.

Brighton Champion Spike Trivet pinned Jordan Breaks after interference from Paul Robinson. Trivet attacked Breaks after the match but then David Starr’s voice made the save over the speakers. He challenged Trivet to a match at RipTide Rumble.

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