Tokyo Joshi Pro Tournament Results 3/8/20

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from their dojo with no people allowed on 3/8/20 which aired on DDT Universe:

There was another tournament theme with the roster divided up in three teams of seven in a variety of different matches.

Maki Itoh (Team Red) pinned Sena Shiori (Team Blue) after a DDT for 2 points.

Rika Tatsumi (Team Yellow) pinned Mina Shirakawa (Team Red) after the missile hip for 2 points.

Natsumi Maki (Team Yellow) pinned Mahiro Kiryu (Team Blue) after the backlash for 2 points.

Hyper Misao (Team Blue) won a 3-Way Match over Pom Harajuku (Team Yellow) and Miyu Yamashita (Team Red) for 2 points.

Yuna Manase and Hikari Noa (Team Blue) pinned Nodoka Tenma and Suzuki (Team Yellow) when Noa pinned Suzume after the uranage throw for 2 points.

Shoko Nakajima and Miu Watanabe (Team Red) beat Yuki Kamifuku and Mirai Maiumi (Team Blue) when Nakajima pinned Maiumi with a Northern Lights Suplex for 2 points.

Yuka Sakazaki and Raku (Team Yellow) beat Mizuki and Yuki Aino (Team Red) when Sakazaki pinned Aino after the Magical Girl Splash for 2 points.

Team Yellow wins with 6 points. Team Red and Blue tie with 4 points.

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