WSU 13th Anniversary Show Results 3/15/20

Women’s Superstars United 13th Anniversary Show results from Voorhees, New Jersey at the Colossal Sports Academy on 3/15/20 and live simulcast on FITE and Independent TV:

No fans are allowed to watch at the venue because of the virus pandemic.

Karen Bam Bam pinned Little Mean Kathleen after a swinging side slam.

Paris Van Dale pinned Boink The Clown after a face buster. She won clean even though she was accompanied by Basic Becca.

Van Dale and Becca cut a heel promo after the match. They bragged about how dominant they are and said there didn’t even seem to be anybody else around them.

Spirit Champion Davienne came out. She said Sonya Strong didn’t show up so she’s issuing a title shot Open Challenge if Van Dale and Becca were interested. Van Dale acted cowardly. She said she just wrestled and then shoved Becca into Davienne to start the match.

Spirit Champion Davienne pinned Basic Becca after a baseball slide drop kick into the corner when Becca collided with Van Dale who tried to interfere on the ring.

Corinne Mink came out and shamed Kasey Catal for not being there to face her. Eddy McQueen came out as Catal’s substitute and did a diva promo on Mink.

Corinne Mink pinned Eddy McQueen after a gut wrench suplex right into a board set up in the ring corner. It ended up being a hardcore match. They used a trash can lid and crutches as some of the weapons.

Gabby Ortiz pinned Veda Scott after an eye poke and spinning neck breaker. Ortiz hit the referee in the face accidentally to temporarily blind him when Scott had her in a cross face submission.

WSU Champion Brittany Blake beat Tasha Steelz by cloverleaf submission.

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