NOAH No Fans Show Results 3/29/20: Title Change

Pro Wrestling NOAH “20th Anniversary NOAH the CHRONICLE vol. 2” results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at an empty Korakuen Hall on 3/29/20 and live on DDT Universe

No fans allowed because of the virus pandemic and cases starting to increase in Tokyo over the last few days.

HAYATA and YO-HEY won the GHC Junior Tag Team Titles from Atsushi Kotoge and Kotaro Suzuki when HAYATA pinned Kotoge with the Headache Driver in 22:34.

GHC National Champion Takashi Sugiura beat Minoru Tanaka by ankle lock submission in 14:35. Katsuhiko Nakajima came out after the match with a smug and confident smile on his face to challenge for the title next. Sugiura accepted.


GHC Junior Champion Yoshinari Ogawa pinned Daisuke Harada in 26:39. The finish saw Harada hit a standing double stomp but he didn’t get all of it and slipped for Ogawa to immediately fold him up for the pin. Kotaro Suzuki attacked Ogawa after the match and laid him out. He said he wants to be the next challenger.

GHC Heavyweight Champion Go Shiozaki pinned Kazuyuki Fujita after a Gowan Lariat in 57:47 of a 60-minute time limit. They literally did nothing but intensely stare each other down during the first 30-minutes.

Shiozaki stood in the center of the ring and blocked Fujita from fully coming out of the corner in the first fifteen minutes. Fujita then stepped out of the corner to half circle him once but they stopped and just stared at each other again for fifteen more minutes. The confused referee encouraged them to lock up a couple of times and notified them of the time running out.

Finally after a half hour, Fujita took him down to the mat and held him grounded in a side headlock followed by a mounted position for several minutes. Things picked up in action and spilled to the floor after all of that. They brawled into the empty seats and even by the elevator area and balcony. It was a match sure to divide opinions of fans.

There was no commentary for this show but they had video packages with a voiceover before each match and a ring announcer.

NOAH has canceled their 4/4/20 and 4/5/20 shows because of the virus. That was supposed to be the opening of the Global Tag League 2020. The 4/10/20 and 4/12/20 dates are also canceled. There always is a possibility that more shows could end up being “no fans allowed” for live streaming, but like everything else in life now, it all depends on how severe the virus will continue to be.

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