DDT “April Fool 2020” Results 4/4/20

DDT “April Fool 2020” no fans show results from Chiba, Japan 🇯🇵 at 2AW Square and live on DDT Universe on 4/4/20 https://www.ddtpro.com/universe/videos/8372

Konosuke Takeshita pinned Jordan Heatley after a Koumori Tsuri Otoshi. This was Heatley’s debut match.

Kazusada Higuchi won a 2 on 1 Match over Hideki Okaya and Keigo Nakamura by submitting Okaya to a Canadian Backbreaker.

Shunma Katsumata, Akito, and Yukio Naya beat Daisuke Sasaki, Mad Paulie, and Soma Takao when Akito submitted Paulie with a figure four.

Syuri beat Saki Akai by Suzaku submission.

Mike Bailey and MAO went to a no contest with Danshoku Dino and Chris Brookes. It ended up in a wild comedy brawl outside into the parking lot with all four fighting inside of a mini van and driving off the property.

Takeshita came to the ring and said he doesn’t know when fans will be allowed to return for DDT, Tokyo Joshi, and the other DDT Group promotion’s because of the virus pandemic. He said they didn’t even know how long they will be able to broadcast these no fans shows on DDT Universe. He thanked the rosters for continuing to compete and the fans for their support during this chaotic time.

Heatley spoke and thanked everyone for being able to debut on this show. He said he will be going back to Australia but hopes to come back to Japan and compete in front of Japanese fans.

DDT Extreme Champion Shinya Aoki beat Makoto Oishi in a special rules match with a point system based on moving and staying still during different phases. After the match, Aoki said he wants Nakamura to be the next challenger.

KO-D 6-man Tag Team Champions Tetsuya Endo, El Lindaman, and T-Hawk beat Naomi Yoshimura, HARASHIMA, and Yuki Ueno when Lindaman pinned Ueno with a Tiger Suplex.

Danshoku Dino came out to close the show. He had tears in his eyes as he spoke about the virus disrupting all aspects of life including pro wrestling. He said the future is unknown and it’s causing a lot of anxiety.

The next DDT no fans show (virus permitting) is 4/12/20.

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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