Cursed Films Docuseries Debuts On Shudder

A five part documentary series called “Cursed Films” will debut on Shudder on 4/9/20 with new episodes each Thursday at 9pm EST.

The five legendary, and infamous, movies featured are: The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Omen, Twilight Zone: The Movie, and The Crow.

Linda Blair is interviewed for The Exorcist episode. Her take is far different than how the late novel author and screenplay writer William Peter Blatty described her experiences on set. She said there were harsh working conditions which ended up injuring her back and she refused to answer a few questions because of bad memories. Shortly after the movie came out in 1973, Blatty did interviews telling reporters that Blair was having a good time and laughing during filming with no trauma at all.

Production of the movie was delayed for a few weeks when the set caught fire after an animal somehow got into a circuit box and destroyed the wiring. However, the part of the set that served as “Regan’s” bedroom was not damaged at all.

Actress Ellen Burstyn injured her spine while being thrown down in the scene where Regan throws her from the bed.

A set security guard and a special effects designer died during production. Actor Jack McGrowran died days after the movie’s Christmas Day 1973 release in theatres.

Several movie goers around the world experienced anxiety attacks and nausea and there were a couple cases of people dying from heart attacks from shock and fright. As of a few years ago, a woman in the U.K. still claimed to suffer from horrible nightmares and vivid hallucinations (she said they have become worse since) after watching the movie- from when it was first released back in the 1970s!

Blair and other members of the cast and crew received death threats from Christians for being part of the movie. British musician Mike Oldfield was also dragged into the mud for loaning his song “Tubular Bells” as the movie’s recurring theme track and New Age Music was slandered as being “The Devil’s Music” along with rock and roll.

Shudder has free trails if you’re a new subscriber for 7 days or 30 days (depending on the time of offers) by entering the code “SHUTIN”.

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