Ice Ribbon Live Simulcast Event Results 4/11/20

Ice Ribbon results of their no fans show from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 at the dojo on 4/11/20 and streaming live on YouTube for the first time and simulcast on Nico Video

A couple of changes to the card: it was supposed to be Banny Oikawa vs. Satsuki Totoro but Oikawa is out after undergoing a dental procedure this week. Totoro will now face Maika Ozaki. Suzu Suzuki was to face trainee Ishikawa in an exhibition match but Ishikawa’s temperature was a little high so that match is now scratched in the lineup out of precaution.

Fans have the option of donating tips in the chat room because their has been no live gate/paying fans due to the virus pandemic.

At the moment there will be more live streaming no fans shows set for 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, and 5/4.

Satsuki Totoro vs. Maika Ozaki

Ozaki got the pin after a diving senton.

Thekla vs. Akane Fujita

This is Fujita’s first match back in Japan after a few weeks. She was here in the USA, and had several bookings set up, but then all of those shows got canceled due to the virus shutting things down. When she came back home to Japan she was in quarantine after traveling.

Fujita got the pin after a driver.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Risa Sera and Mochi Miyagi

They went to the time limit draw just as it looked like Fujimoto was about to get a pin.

The action went to the floor early on with Fujimoto and Tsukushi using a baby stroller as a weapon to run over their opponents.

Fujimoto will face Sera on next week’s show.

Yappy vs. Hiragi Kurumi

Kurumi got the pin after the top rope splash.

Maya Yukihi and Ibuki Hoshi vs. Suzu Suzuki and Hamuko Hoshi

Suzuki pinned Ibuki after a series of near fall reversals between the two.

This was a fun event that came off like a solid house show. All the wrestlers stopped by to the announcers desk between matches to chat with fans in the chat rooms watching the simulcast. It was a good introduction to Ice Ribbons for people who haven’t seen the product before.

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