Wrestling… With Demons Now At Blogger

Just a bit of an update before Ice Ribbon starts in a few minutes on YouTube..

I don’t know what this site will look like on Monday or Tuesday. The business plan is set to expire which means the SEO and certain themes and other options will be lost. Basically it’s probably going to look like a jabroni free site that won’t be on the radar of search engines and a scaled back theme.

W.W.D. has moved over to Blogger, and so far I’m happy with it, but still figuring some options out. I’m getting much more traffic hits on there compared to here which is great.

The http://www.wrestlingwithdemons.net address will remain here on Word Press. So this will be like an archive of old results.

I had a nice conversation with the Blogger staff. They told me transferring over the address would cost the same as having a new website address and it may take days or weeks to transfer which would leave me without a site in the process.

They suggested I keep the current address https://wrestlingwithdemons666.blogspot.com/ with them, so that is what the address will be to find new W.W.D. content like today’s Ice Ribbon and NOAH result later today.

You can subscribe easily on the W.W.D. Blogger site right where it says “subscribe” on the front page. Your email is confidential and you will receive email alerts of stories posted.

W.W.D. Twitter:https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

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