REV Pro “Epic Encounters 7” Results 12/27/20: Southside Title Tournament Continues

Revolution Pro Wrestling results from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 at Portsmouth School of Wrestling on 12/27/20 simulcast on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch:

Gideon Grey came out to the ring and grabbed a microphone. He said we will see more of the rebuilding of The Legion tonight.

JJ Gale pinned Gideon Grey after a springboard cutter. After the match, Chris Ridgeway ran in and attacked Gale and Callum Newman (who was Gale’s cornerman). Grey said Ridgeway is the newest member of The Legion.

Dan Moloney pinned Rob Lias after a gore and the Drilla in a Southside Title Tournament Block A Match when Lias accidentally collided into Mad Kurt at ringside. Kurt came out to watch the match at the beginning and purposely tried to be distracting.

Bobbi Tyler vs. Aleah James never happened. Zoe Lucas accompanied Tyler as usual. She jumped James as James was coming out to the ring and dragged her to the backstage area again. Tyler then cut a promo in the ring bragging about herself and said everyone else in the women’s division was boring and bland compared to her. Southside Women’s Champion Kanji came out and got in Tyler’s face. Tyler backed off in fear.

RKJ pinned Brendan White after a Rikishi Driver in a Southside Title Tournament Block B Match. White is eliminated from the tournament.

Gisele Shaw and Jamie Hayter beat Skye Smithson and Zan Phoenix when Shaw submitted Phoenix to the arm bar. Smithson got knocked of the ring and then walked to the back with Gideon Grey in anger. Phoenix was left by herself in the match.

Hayter challenged Shaw for the British Women’s Title afterwards and Shaw agreed.

Screwface Ahmed pinned Chuck Mambo after a rolling neck breaker when Gideon Grey came down to ringside and hit Mambo in the throat with his cane. After the match, Chris Ridgeway and Skye Smithson ran in and stomped Mambo. Ahmed backed them off but it was all a swerve. He punched Mambo in the gut and joined in on the attack. Grey announced Ahmed as another new member of The Legion. Mambo is eliminated.

Charlie Sterling beat Joel Redman in a Southside Title Tournament Block A Match with a Texas Cloverleaf.

They said Shaw will defend the Women’s Title against Hayter on the next show in a few weeks. The Southside Title Tournament will roll on.

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