Wave Pro Results 12/27/20: Title Change

Wave Pro results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on 12/27/20:

Rina Shingaki and Ayame Sasamura beat Mikoto Shindo and Chie Ozoro when Shingaki submitted Ozoro to the SBT Lock in 8:41.

Kaori Yoneyama, Itsuki Aoki, and Rin Kadokura beat Miyuki Takase, Haruka Umesaki, and Ayumi Hayashi when Yoneyama pinned Hayashi with an inside cradle in 12:53.

DASH Chisako pinned Yuki Miyazaki in a Hardcore Match after the hormone splash with a chair placed on top of Miyazaki in 19:28.

Wave Tag Team Champions Yumi Ohka and Mio Momono beat Sareee and Hibiki when Momono pinned Hibiki after the JK Bomb in 22:03

Sakura Hirota won the Regina di Wave Title from Nagisa Nozaki with the Yasha Lock in 23:33. Mikoto Shindo challenged for the title to take place on 1/1/21.

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