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Reminder: W.W.D. Is Moving

Just a reminder that W.W.D. is no longer being updated on Word Press and we’ve moved over to Blogger

I’m trying to transfer over the address. But in the meantime, head to Blogger today for news on the indie wrestling star in Hustler Magazine plus NOAH and Choco Pro 5 results coming up later today (cheap clickbait, I know).

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Bonehill Road Now Showing On Tubi

“Bonehill Road” (2017), the werewolf and creepy house in the woods thriller, is now up to watch for free on Tubi. It features “the matriarch” of Wrestling… with Demons, scream queen Linnea Quigley.

It’s an indie horror film written, directed, edited and co-produced by Todd Sheets. I know there was a real labour of love that went into making it with a lot of fun on set.

With so much pro wrestling getting shut down around the world because of the virus, this site will go into other directions I find of interest in hopes of keeping it active each day.

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Adult Star Aubrey Kate Giving Free “Only Fans” Deal

Adult superstar Aubrey Kate is doing a free Only Fans special this weekend. New subscribers signing up will get 30 days for free. The offer expires on 4/12/20. (The usual disclaimer: this is adult entertainment content for those 18 or 21 and up depending on region)

Kate is a trans performer who is one of the most popular all-around adult stars on the scene today. Her look, work ethic and “fan friendly” attitude has also made her an in demand crossover model with studios like Wicked ( and Burning Angel ( as well as AVN Magazine covers.

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Rarely Seen “ROAR” To Stream On 4/15/20 To Benefit Theaters

Alamo Drafthouse is following in the steps of other indie art house theatre chains by streaming rarely seen films and cult classics for a price during the virus pandemic. A percentage of the “virtual movie ticket” cost will go to The Will Rogers Motion Picture Foundation Assistance Fund to help movie theater employees out of work with everything shut down due to the virus.

On 4/15/20, the unbelievably intense “ROAR” (1981) will be broadcast on Vimeo for $10 USD. It is no doubt an attempt to cash in on Netflix’s “Tiger King” craze.

“ROAR” was one of the most dangerous and difficult movies ever made, taking over a decade to produce. It was never released in the United State until 2015 (on DVD, VOD, and TCM) and ended up being a box office bomb when it was initially released in other parts of the world in 1981. It is directed Noel Marshall and stars Marshall and his famous family at the time: Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith, along with his sons Jerry Marshall and John Marshall.

For many years I actually thought it was an urban legend. Then in 2001, a friend of mine in Seattle was able to get a VHS copy for us through a friend of his who worked for a movie studio in Japan. The version we saw was in English with Japanese subtitles.

To say the movie’s plot is uneven would be an understatement. It starts off as a “family friendly” Disney nature ripoff then it turns into another “When Animals Attack” horror picture which were so common throughout the 1970s to early 1980. It’s almost as if Marshall gave up on the script after a few rewrites and decided to remake Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” (which of course also starred his wife Hedren) and replaced the birds with lions and tigers. Like a lot of movies in those days, it’s rated PG but probably should have been R so not to shock unknowing families.

There is absolutely NO special effects CGI used. These are real lions, tigers, elephants, hippos and just about every other wild animal that you can think of. It was filmed in California but the setting is supposed to be Tanzania. For several years during production, Marshall and Hedren actually had many of the lions and tigers living with them at their house and treated them as if they were average house cats.

Depending on who you believe, over hundred people may have been injured on the set. It was incredibly lucky that no humans or animals were killed at all. Griffith was mauled by a lion and needed several stitches and surgery (her injury was not shown in the version I saw but the alleged photo of it was used in alternate posters to hype the movie). Hedren was bitten by animals and suffered a broken leg after being thrown from an elephant. Noel Marshall landed in the hospital several times after getting bitten. He told the press that he believed over a hundred were injured overall. Hedren disputed his claims and thought there were only about seven people seriously injured, including herself. She admitted that she didn’t know how anyone survived when it was all over.

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Cursed Films Docuseries Debuts On Shudder

A five part documentary series called “Cursed Films” will debut on Shudder on 4/9/20 with new episodes each Thursday at 9pm EST.

The five legendary, and infamous, movies featured are: The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Omen, Twilight Zone: The Movie, and The Crow.

Linda Blair is interviewed for The Exorcist episode. Her take is far different than how the late novel author and screenplay writer William Peter Blatty described her experiences on set. She said there were harsh working conditions which ended up injuring her back and she refused to answer a few questions because of bad memories. Shortly after the movie came out in 1973, Blatty did interviews telling reporters that Blair was having a good time and laughing during filming with no trauma at all.

Production of the movie was delayed for a few weeks when the set caught fire after an animal somehow got into a circuit box and destroyed the wiring. However, the part of the set that served as “Regan’s” bedroom was not damaged at all.

Actress Ellen Burstyn injured her spine while being thrown down in the scene where Regan throws her from the bed.

A set security guard and a special effects designer died during production. Actor Jack McGrowran died days after the movie’s Christmas Day 1973 release in theatres.

Several movie goers around the world experienced anxiety attacks and nausea and there were a couple cases of people dying from heart attacks from shock and fright. As of a few years ago, a woman in the U.K. still claimed to suffer from horrible nightmares and vivid hallucinations (she said they have become worse since) after watching the movie- from when it was first released back in the 1970s!

Blair and other members of the cast and crew received death threats from Christians for being part of the movie. British musician Mike Oldfield was also dragged into the mud for loaning his song “Tubular Bells” as the movie’s recurring theme track and New Age Music was slandered as being “The Devil’s Music” along with rock and roll.

Shudder has free trails if you’re a new subscriber for 7 days or 30 days (depending on the time of offers) by entering the code “SHUTIN”.

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John Prine In Critical Condition

The legendary quirky folk and country musician John Prine is reportedly in critical condition after apparently being another one of many infected by the Coronavirus. He is 73.

He debuted on the music scene in 1971. He has been a regular on all of the late night talk shows over the decades and a favorite of David Letterman. His themes range from very dark to humorous.

He appeared in two indie movies: “Falling From Grace” (directed by and starring John Mellencamp) and “Daddy and Them” (starring Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, and Andy Griffith).

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Record Store Owner And Wrestling Promoter Dean Silverstone Passes Away

Dean Silverstone died on 3/26/20. I’ve heard conflicting reports on his exact age but he was in his 70s. Different sources say he was either 73 or 75.

Silverstone began his career in pro wrestling in 1958 by publishing his own wrestling programs to sell at events in the Pacific Northwest. A few years later, he became a referee.

In 1969, he started Superstar Championship Wrestling which had a regional syndicated TV deal. They ran shows in Seattle, Tacoma, and Yakima before folding in 1976. The titles recognized were the Western States Heavyweight Title and Western States Tag Team Titles.

Silverstone was a big fan of oldies music and classic rock. He founded the “Golden Oldies!” record store in 1977 which later expanded to several more locations throughout the PNW area. He retired from running the shops in 2017. I know the Seattle store is still around for sure under new ownership.

He was a key member of the Cauliflower Alley Club’s executive board over the decades and hosted his own Pacific Northwest reunion shows. He wrote the 2014 book “I Ain’t No Pig Farmer” (with Scott Teal) about his experiences in pro wrestling

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