John Prine Dead At 73

Folk and country musician John Prine has passed away on 4/7/20 from the Coronavirus at the age of 73.

He became ill after returning home to the United States after a concert tour in Europe.

Prine began his music career in 1971. Over the decades he was favorite of many of the American late night talk shows from David Letterman to Stephen Colbert.

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John Prine In Critical Condition

The legendary quirky folk and country musician John Prine is reportedly in critical condition after apparently being another one of many infected by the Coronavirus. He is 73.

He debuted on the music scene in 1971. He has been a regular on all of the late night talk shows over the decades and a favorite of David Letterman. His themes range from very dark to humorous.

He appeared in two indie movies: “Falling From Grace” (directed by and starring John Mellencamp) and “Daddy and Them” (starring Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, and Andy Griffith).

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Record Store Owner And Wrestling Promoter Dean Silverstone Passes Away

Dean Silverstone died on 3/26/20. I’ve heard conflicting reports on his exact age but he was in his 70s. Different sources say he was either 73 or 75.

Silverstone began his career in pro wrestling in 1958 by publishing his own wrestling programs to sell at events in the Pacific Northwest. A few years later, he became a referee.

In 1969, he started Superstar Championship Wrestling which had a regional syndicated TV deal. They ran shows in Seattle, Tacoma, and Yakima before folding in 1976. The titles recognized were the Western States Heavyweight Title and Western States Tag Team Titles.

Silverstone was a big fan of oldies music and classic rock. He founded the “Golden Oldies!” record store in 1977 which later expanded to several more locations throughout the PNW area. He retired from running the shops in 2017. I know the Seattle store is still around for sure under new ownership.

He was a key member of the Cauliflower Alley Club’s executive board over the decades and hosted his own Pacific Northwest reunion shows. He wrote the 2014 book “I Ain’t No Pig Farmer” (with Scott Teal) about his experiences in pro wrestling

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Greg Lake/Keith Emerson Tribute Album Coming In April

There will be a tribute album to the late Keith Emerson and Greg Lake coming out on 4/10/20. The title is actually called “A Tribute to Keith Emerson & Greg Lake.” The two Prog Rockers were part of the band trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer with drummer Carl Palmer (who just turned 70 on 3/20/20).

Lake also spent time as the alternating frontman for King Crimson and ASIA during his career.

Emerson became a solo artist in 1979 when ELP broke up. He provided the haunting movie soundtracks to Dario Argento’s “Inferno” (1980), Lucio Fulcio’s “Murder Rock” (1984) and Michael Soavi’s “The Church” (1989). He would reunite with Lake and Palmer for reunion tours at various times from 1991 to 2010.

In 1986, Emerson and Lake brought in drummer Cozy Powell to form the short-lived Emerson, Lake & Powell for one album and tour due to Carl Palmer having commitments with ASIA as their drummer.

The tribute album will feature mostly cover songs of ELP and King Crimson from Todd Rundgren, Geoff Downes (of ASIA), Billy Sherwood (who’s the album’s producer), Larry Fast, Aaron Emerson, Ethan Emerson, The Royal Philharmonic and more.

Keith Emerson died by suicide on 3/11/16. He had been suffering from alcoholic depression and nerve damage in his hands. He feared that he would no longer be able to perform in concert because of his health.

Greg Lake passed away from cancer on 12/7/16. His fans found it ironic that he died during the holiday season which has his biggest solo hit “I Believe In Father Christmas” (1975) playing on radio around the world.

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Hikaru Shida To Miss MAKAI

Hikaru Shida announced on her social media that she will miss the next MAKAI show/performance in Japan because of the virus pandemic. She said she’s been with the cast for six years and never missed a show even while injured with a broken leg.

Shida now lives in the United States because of her contract with AEW but she has been flying back and forth from America to Japan to still be apart of MAKAI shows.

If you aren’t familiar with what MAKAI is, it’s one of those things where you really do have to see it to even begin to try to understand. It’s a mix of stage drama, pro wrestling, and live concert