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Jungle Boy remembers his dad Luke Perry; POP announces Dylan McKay marathon

Jungle Boy (Jack Perry) posted comments on his social media about the passing of his father, Luke Perry.

Jack has pulled off of the Bar Wrestling event on 3/13/19 in Los Angles at the Bootleg Theater. Penelope Ford will replace him as the tag team partner of LuchaSaurus vs. Taya Valkyrie and PJ Black. He will also on longer be on the “Wrestle Summit” card on March 29 in Wilmington, California where he was set to face Trey Miguel. A replacement will be announced over the next few days.

POP TV announced they will be doing a “Best of Dylan McKay Marathon” on 3/8/19 starting at 11am EST in honor of Luke Perry.

Luke Perry passes away at 52; pro wrestling community shows overwhelming love and support

Luke Perry died on March 4, 2019 due to the massive stroke he suffered on February 27, 2019. He was 52.

Perry was currently one of the stars of “Riverdale” on The CW Network. The show announced that it was temporarily shutting down production due to his death. His character will still appear in a few more episodes going forward. The scripts for the remaining episodes of the season will no doubt have to be rewritten now. Perry played Fred Andrews, the father of Archie.

“Riverdale” is a dark and twisted modern update of the classic Archie Comics. On the series, Archie (played by KJ Apa) portrays a righteous but tormented soul who battles personal demons and the town’s mobster, Hiram Lodge (played by former “All My Children” star Mark Consuelos). Archie and Fred have a strong protective bond with each other. The character of Fred will probably be written off with Perry’s death. In a previous season the show did a cliffhanger where Fred was shot as a prime time soap opera tradition like the famous “Who Shot J.R.?” episode of “Dallas”.

Perry was best known for his role as Dylan McKay on “Beverly Hills 90210”. The show was such a pop culture sensation in the 1990s, he and his cast mates were often mobbed by screaming and adoring fans wanting autographs in the days before cellphone selfies.

He was a big pro wrestling fan. His son is Jack Perry (aka Jungle Boy), now a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster, and also continuing to wrestle for various indie groups. Luke was a supportive dad accompanying his son to as many wrestling events as he could. Both men became very popular with many of the wrestlers. Luke acted like just any other fan at shows wanting to get pics and autographs from the roster.

There was an outpouring of love to Jack Perry from countless names in the pro wrestling industry after hearing the news of Luke’s death.

WWE: On an episode of 90210 in the later seasons, Dylan and David (Brian Austin Green) are shown watching an Edge and Christian match on TV:

From actor, former WCW World Champion, and current indie wrestling star David Arquette. David and his late sibling Alexis Arquette had supporting roles in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie which Perry starred in alongside Kristy Swanson. Ironically, Patricia Arquette just publicly revealed a few days ago that David had a mild heart attack about a year and a half ago:

From PCW Ultra in California where Jungle Boy has wrestled:

From All Pro Wrestling in California where Jungle Boy has wrestled:

From Paul London:

David Arquette continuing to reflect:

From wrestler Dylan Bostic. He is also the husband of WOW Superheroes wrestler Chantilly Chella (aka RayLyn on the indie circuit):

From Taya Valkyrie:

From Chris Jericho:

From MMA Fighter and pro wrestler turned stuntman Paul Lazenby (aka Death Wolf). He has done stunt work on “Riverdale”:

From Showtime Boxing and MMA Fighting’s photographer Esther Lin:

From Joey Ryan:

From Cody Rhodes:

Luke Perry star of “Riverdale” and “Beverly Hills 90210”, father of Jungle Boy, suffers stroke

Luke Perry suffered a massive stroke on 2/27/19 and is currently in a medically induced coma according to the 52 year old actor’s representatives.

Perry moved to Los Angeles with hopes of getting an acting career after graduating from Fredericktown High School in Ohio. He worked construction jobs in the Southern California area in between acting auditions.

He was cast as the rebellious “bad boy” Dylan McKay for the Darren Star created prime time teen soap opera “Beverly Hills 90210” which debuted on Fox on October 4, 1990. Fox executives originally did not want him as a series regular. Legendary television producer Aaron Spelling fought to keep the McKay character on the show because he thought Perry and co-star Jason Priestley had a “modern day James Dean and Marlon Brando” star quality which would appeal to teens.

Spelling was correct on the similarities with James Dean. Perry would play a similar role as Oliver Pike in Joss Whedon’s 1992 movie “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with Kristy Swanson. The production was only given five weeks to film because of Perry’s full television schedule.

Perry left “90210” in 1995 to act in movies, but he returned a few seasons later to fill the cast void when co-star and friend Jason Priestley decided to leave for other projects.

Currently, Perry is part of the cast on The CW’s gritty teen drama “Riverdale”. The show combines the Archie Comic characters with 90210-like high school themes and horror. Perry plays Archie Andrews’ father, Fred Andrews. The character is an honest and hard working blue collar construction worker, based in part on Perry’s own father, who worked as a steelworker in Ohio. It is not a major role, but each time Fred speaks, he always gives a calm toughness of importance with his words. Perry’s camera time is never wasted.

Ironcially, the Perry family has had a lot of good news over the past couple of months. The CW announced that “Riverdale” has been renewed for a forth season. Perry’s son is indie pro wrestler Jungle Boy (Jack Perry) who recently signed a contract with the upstart AEW group. Fox announced just yesterday that the “Beverly Hills 90210” reboot would debut in the summer. The CW said they were willing to let Perry guest star on the Fox show if his “Riverdale” schedule permitted.

Perry is a big pro wrestling fan who has been often seen watching his son’s matches at California indie shows. He has said that Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair were his favorite wrestlers. He had a chance to meet Rhodes years ago and he was incredibly flattered when Rhodes knew who he was because of “90210”.

Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore was always a “90210” fan as well, and he will even make references about the show in color commentary on the live Impact/Twitch broadcasts.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is another big fan and he’s even had some chance meetings with Perry while attending the same California events.

UPDATE: The latest report from Perry’s management team is that he is NOT currently in a coma, but he has been sedated and is under observation.

Peter Frampton ill, announces farewell tour

Legendary singer and guitarist Peter Frampton announced that he has a rare inflammatory health condition which causes muscles to weaken.

The final U.S. Tour kicks off on June 18 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and ends on Oct. 12 in Concord, California.

“Frampton Comes Alive” (1976) is one of the best-selling live albums of all time.

In addition to his solo work, Frampton served as a session player for David Bowie (his childhood friend), Jerry Lee Lewis, Ringo Starr, and Bill Wyman. He was lead guitarist and provided backing vocals on Bowie’s sublime “Glass Spider” tour in 1987.

Big praise for Fighting with my Family actress Florence Pugh

Fox 2 Detroit’s “CriticLee Speaking” movie review show briefly talked about “Fighting with my Family” tonight because co-host Adam Graham was the only one who saw it. He gave it a thumbs up and once again admitted that he’s a pro wrestling fan.

He named actress Florence Pugh as his “Queen of the Box Office” in the segment at the end of the broadcast. He said there hasn’t been many good pro wrestling movies over the years, but Pugh is the “ace” of this one. He said she brings a vulnerability, toughness, and punk rock spirit to the role. He said we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of her in years to come and this was a better than average pro wrestling movie because of her performance.

In his Detroit News review, Graham gave the movie a B.