STARDOM Cancels Even More Shows

STARDOM announced it has canceled all shows until 5/6/20 due to the virus pandemic.

Everything is “wait and see” because of the ongoing situation so who knows at this point what will happen in May.

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Gatoh Move To Debut On FITE For Free On 4/7/20

Emi Sakura’s Gatoh Move promotion will make its premiere on FITE starting on 4/7/20 at 9pm EST with an event that originally took place on 12/30/18. It will be free to watch.

Super Asia Champion Riho vs. An Chamu (the title has been vacant since 6/19 when Riho left the company).

Saki vs. Mei Suruga

Emi Sakura, Baliyan Akki, and Masahiro Takahashi vs. Konno Misuru, Sawasdee Kamen, and Sayaka Obihiro in the main event

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Tokyo Joshi Pro Stars In New Commercial

Miyu Yamashita, Hikari Noa, and ring announcer Sayuri Nanba are among the Tokyo Joshi Pro roster and crew featured in an ad for a Japanese energy drink.

Yamashita, Shoko Nakajima, Mina Shirakawa, and Pom Harajuku of TJPW all had high profile cameo roles in a big fight scene earlier this year on the CBS show “S.W.A.T.” in the episode titled Ekitai Rashku

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Gatoh Move Cancels Several Shows

Gatoh Move has canceled all of their shows that were scheduled from 4/18/20 to 5/6/20, as well as 6/22, 7/5, and 8/17. It looks like the company will be on indefinite hiatus because of the ongoing virus pandemic.

Company owner/wrestler Emi Sakura is also currently out of action with some sort of back injury.

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GAEA Reunion Postponed In A Major Way

The one night GAEA Japan return event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their first show has unfortunately been postponed due to the virus pandemic. It was supposed to take place on 4/15/20 at Korakuen Hall.

They wanted to make sure this was going to be a major nostalgic event and didn’t want to risk continued postponements with the unsureness of the virus disruptions.

There is no new exact date yet but the show will not take place now until January 2021 at Korakuen Hall.

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