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AXS TV renews WOW and David McLane answers our question

AXS TV held an in-studio press conference on 3/6/19 to announce WOW Superheroes has been renewed for 24 more episodes. The next set of TV tapings will be held on May 15 and May 16 at The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California for later airing on AXS TV in the fall.

Gabby Loren hosted the press con panel with WOW owner Jeanie Buss, WOW founder David McLane, AXS TV Fights CEO Andrew Simon, WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard, and The Beast.

David McLane said they will be opening an all-women training school in Long Beach, California on June 1. Blanchard and Selina Majors will be the trainers. Majors wrestled as “Bambi” in the 1980s for McLane’s G.L.O.W. and POWW groups, and then for Tor Berg’s LPWA promotion in the late 1980’s to early 1990s. She was part of the LPWA “Super Ladies Showdown” pay-per-view in 1992, which actually holds the record for being the first all-women’s ppv.

McLane answered my question about the status of the WOW Tag Team Titles. He said they will be bringing the tag titles back at the May TV tapings. There will be a tag team tournament to crown new tag team champions.

Later in the broadcast, McLane answered a question about the possibility of adding a second singles title. He said he has no interest in adding a TV Title. The WOW Title currently held by Blanchard will be the main focus because he doesn’t want to clutter the product with too many titles.

Buss said she hopes WOW can one day become a touring brand worldwide but they are not ready for that just yet.

Simon said things could change as AXS TV is currently thinking of splitting up Season 2 with 12 episodes airing in late 2019, and the other 12 airing in early 2020, instead of 24 weeks at once.

Blanchard and The Beast came out and argued with each other. It looks like by the way everything came off, they will have a match at the May tapings.

This press conference was very well done. I’ve covered many press cons to where they always usually come across as corny and insulting to both the media and fans with protective “corporate canned responses” or in the interest of pro wrestling “kayfabe”. Everyone here answered all of the questions with honesty and professionalism.

You can watch the entire press conference here:

Tickets for the May 15 and May 16 TV tapings are already on sale here:

STARDOM results from Nagoya, Japan on 3/3/19; Wantanabe breaks record

STARDOM results from Nagoya, Japan at the International Conference Center on 3/3/19:

Kaori Yoneyama and Leo Okazaki beat Rina and Hina.

Hana Kimura beat Hanan.

AZM and Konami beat Natsuko Tora and Says Iida when AZM got the fall on Iida after a diving double stomp.

Arisa Hoshiki pinned Starlight Kid after a jumping knee strike.

Pro Wrestling:EVE International Champion Utami Hayashishita vs. Bea Priestley was ruled a Double Knock Out so Hayashishita retains the title.

Artist of STARDOM Champions Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, and Saki Kashima beat Kagetsu, Hazuki, Natsu Sumire when Iwatani pinned Sumire after moonsault.

Wonder of STARDOM Champion Momo Wantanabe pinned Jungle Kyona with the Peach Sunrise. This was Wantanabe’s 11th successful defense of the title. She broke the title defense record of the title which was previously held by Io Shirai.

Sabotage Wrestling: “Hey Ladies 2” all women show results 3/2/19; Wolf takes final SW bow

Sabotage Wrestling: “Hey Ladies 2” from New Braunfels, Texas on 3/2/19 at the Kings & Queens Ballroom live and on demand on Highspots Wrestling Network:

Ring annoucer Stella Siniy introduced guest General Manager Roxy Castillo to the ring. Roxy said the announcers are Melissa Foss and Sheeva and the referees are Yali Stewart and Karina Kyle to make it truly an all women show.

Roxy asked for Sabotage Wrestling World Champion Hyan to come to the ring. Hyan did, but she didn’t look happy about being called out. Roxy was all excited and unveiled a new title belt for her. Hyan still didn’t look happy. She quickly grabbed the title from Roxy and left the ring without uttering one word.

Ali Bama pinned Alejandra the Lion with a sunset flip out of the corner.

DFW All-Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion Killa Kate used a rear naked choke to defeat Seishin.

Raychell Rose pinned Robyn Reid by using her feet on the ropes.

Sabotage Wrestling Tag Team Champions Baby D. and Phoebe defeated Jenna Lynn and Kiki Vibez when Lynn accidentally hit Vibez with a flying bodypress as Baby D. moved out of the way. D. and Phoebe then both pinned Lynn.

The size difference between the two teams was very comical. It looked like D. and Phoebe were the female version of The Powers of Pain towering over Lynn and Vibez.

Both teams shook hands after the match, but then Vibez attacked Lynn for causing the loss. D. and Phoebe came back to the ring to make the save. The faces all danced with the gimmick being Lynn has no rhythm and can’t dance but she tries.

Before the intermission GM Roxy came out and announced the next SW date will be on May 25 in Austin, Texas. Veda Scott, Session Moth Martina, Kris Statlander, and Leva Bates were announced for it. She also announced that she had some meetings during the show and will now be the permanent GM.

NWA Women’s Champion Jazz pinned Rok-C with an O’Connor Roll. The 17 year old Rok-C was put over big time in the loss by getting in a lot of offense with quick and sudden moves to try to pin Jazz. They showed respect to each other after the match.

Thunder Rosa pinned Penelope Ford after what looked like a modified Tombstone piledriver. This was very good.

They started off in the ring exchanging side lock take downs. Action went to the outside and Rosa kept tossing Ford into fan’s laps so she could give her chops and kicks. Back in the ring, Ford applied her float over butterfly submission hold but somehow Rosa flipped out and turned it into a rocking horse. She bounced Ford’s head off the bottom turnbuckle a few times with the hold. There was a bit of comedy at one point when Ford tried to twist Rosa’s nipples but it didn’t work. Rosa then pulled out what were said to be chicken cutlets from the top of her ring gear and she started slapping Ford with it. The finish came when Ford tried to go for something high risk but Rosa fought her off and hit the piledriver.

Sabotage Wrestling World Champion Hyan pinned Keira Hogan after a face plant. The ref counted, but Hogan got her foot on the rope. Hogan’s leg came off the rope and the ref counted to three.

Immediately after the match Hogan was gone out of the ring. Raychell Rose and Kiki Vibez came in and started celebrating with Hyan. The announcers wondered if Rose and Vibez pushed Hogan’s leg off the rope to help Hyan win. Hyan did a promo and said the LTO stable was dead. She said she, Rose, and Vibez were The Renaissance with Rose and Vibez going after the tag titles while she remains the SW World Champ.

War of the Genders Champion Shotzi Blackheart pinned Kris Wolf after the top rope senton in a No Disqualification Match. This was Wolf’s final appearance in SW as she will retire this year.

They brawled on top of the bar and Wolf kept shoving slices of limes into Blackheart’s mouth. They brawled on the stage. Blackheart gave Wolf a suplex and tried to choke her out with the legs of a bar stool.

There were moments between the two where they tired to “box break” (as Wolf calls it).

Blackheart told the fans to move as she was going to throw Wolf into empty chairs. Wolf reversed it and sent Blackheart flying into the chairs instead. One fan did not move and Blackheart ran into him but he was okay.

There was a genuinely touching moment as a couple of little kids suddenly ran up to Wolf to hug her as she was going after Blackheart. She actually stopped to let them hug her. Back in the ring, Blackheart brought in all the other women on the card into the ring and she whipped them into Wolf, who was caught in the corner. They each gave Wolf a corner splash as a pro wrestling “send off’.

They showed each other respect after the match, then Blackheart quickly left the ring for Wolf to have her moment with the crowd. Wolf bowed to everyone as her final bows in SW on what is part of her farewell tour of the U.S.

Ice Ribbon results 3/2/19; Team DATE leave the company

Ice Ribbon results from the Ice Ribbon Dojo on 3/2/19:

They announced that Team DATE has resigned from the company.

Tequila Saya and Matsuya Uno beat Satsuki Totoro and Kyuuri when Uno got the fall on Totoro.

Tsukushi pinned Asahi after a diving foot stomp.

Maya Yukihi pinned Suzu Suzuki after a missile drop kick.

Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi beat Tsukasa Fujimoto and Miyako Matsumoto when Hoshi pinned Fujimoto with the Hamuroll.

Tokyo Joshi Pro “Sping Tour ‘19- Ready Set, Go!” results 3/2/19

Tokyo Joshi Pro results from Osaka, Japan at Okinawa Hall on 3/2/19:

Rika Tatsumi pinned Himawari Unagi after the Dragon Twist of Fate.

Shoko Nakajima, Mahiro Kiryu, and Haruna Neko beat Natsumi Maki, Pinano Pipipipi, and Pom Harajuku when Nakajima used a Northern Lights Suplex to pin Harajuku.

Yuna Manase and Yuki Kamifuku beat Nodoka Tenma and Yuki Aino when Kamifuku hit a famouser and pinned Aino.

Marika Kobashi and Mina Shirakawa beat Maki Itoh and Raku when Kobashi submitted Raku with a neck hold.

Mizuki pinned YUMI with the Cutie Special.

Yuka Sakazaki and Miu Wantanabe beat Miyu Yamashita and Hikari Noa when Sakazaki pinned Noa after the Magical Magical Girl Splash.

Manase and Kamifuku asked for a tag title shot against Yuka Sakazaki and Mizuki. Mizuki accepted the challenge.

Stardom 3/3/19; Priscilla Kelly; Rosemary

STARDOM has a show in Nagoya, Japan at the International Conference Hall with a 12:00 bell time:

Wonder of STARDOM Momo Wantanabe vs. Jungle Kyona

Pro Wrestling:EVE International Champion Utami Hayashishita vs. Bea Priestly

Konami and AZM vs. Natsuko Tora and Saya

Artist of STARDOM Champions Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, and Saki Kashima vs. Kagetsu, Hazuki, and Natsu Sumire

Hina and Rina vs. Leo Onozaki vs. Kaori Yoneyama

Starlight Kid vs. Arisa Hoshiki

They announced that Rebel Kel and Goya Kong have visa problems and will be delayed until it’s resolved.

Priscilla Kelly casually announced on her Twitter account that she is now a free agent and ask fans to tag what groups they would like to see her in. This was surprising considering she has been one of the most popular and hated stars (sometimes at the same time) in Evolve and Shine. Hopefully she is somehow manages to continue on a per show deal as she is right in the middle of an angle with Darby Allin (her husband) and Austin Theory in Evolve. With the recent competitive pro wrestling roster landscape between WWE, AEW, ROH, MLW, and Impact Wrestling, it’s doubtful that she will remain a free agent for long.

Rosemary announced on Impact Wrestling’s podcast that she has signed a new two-year deal.

STARDOM results from evening Osaka show 2/24/19

STARDOM results from the evening show in Osaka, Japan at the World Pavilion:

Hazuki beat Saya Iida by the crossface submission.

Natsuko Tora won a 4-Way Match over Sumie Sakai, Alex Gracia, and Jamie Hayter by pinning Gracia after a diving body press.

Jungle Kyona won a 3-Way Match over Starlight Kid and Leo Onozaki by using a Scorpion Deathlock submission on Onozaki. This was originally supposed to be a tag match with Kyona and Onozaki vs. Kid and Saki Kashima but Kashima was pulled from the show after being injured on the 12pm show.

Tam Nakano and Arisa Hoshiki beat Bobbi Tyler and Hana Kimura when Hoshiki pinned Tyler after the Brazilian kick.

Kagetsu, Andras Miyagi, and Natsu Sumire beat Momo Wantanabe, Utami Hayashishita, and AZM when Miyagi pinned AZM after a tombstone.

ROH/WOH Women’s Champion Mayu Iwatani pinned Konami after a moonsault.

STARDOM results from Osaka afternoon show 2/24/19

STARDOM results from Osaka, Japan at the World Pavilion on 2/24/19:

Hana Kimura won a 4-Way Match over Alex Gracia, Leo Onozaki, and Natsuko Tora by pinning Gracia with a school boy.

Sumie Sakai beat AZM.

Momo Wantanabe and Konami beat Jungle Kyona and Saya Iida when Konami used the triangle lancer on Iida.

SWA Champion Utami Hayashishita pinned Bobbi Tyler with a German suplex.

Andras Miyagi was the lone survivor of an elimination match. Miyagi, Kagetsu, Jamie Hayter, Hazuki, and Natsu Sumire vs. Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid, Saki Kashima, and Arisa Hoshiki. Kashima was apparently hurt in the match. She was scratched from the 5pm show card.

Ice Ribbon results 2/23/19

Ice Ribbon results from Ice Ribbon Dojo in Saitama, Japan on 2/23/19:

Miyako Matsumoto pinned Suzu Suzuki with the Miyako Clutch.

Tequila Saya pinned Satsuki Totoro with the Gran Maestro de Tequila.

Intentional Ribbon Tag Team Champions Maika Ozaki and Kyuri beat Hamuko Hoshi and Uno Matsuya when Kyuri submitted Matsuya with a stretch muffler.

Maya Yukihi and Mochi Miyagi beat Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi when Yukihi got the fall on Tsukushi.

Tokyo Joshi Pro results 2/23/19: “Be Updated To The Future, The Future, The Future”; Omega speaks

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results on 2/23/19 from Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan and broadcast on DDT Universe stream service. They called this show “Be Updated To The Future, The Future, The Future”:

Yuki Kamifuku and Pinano Pipipipi beat Yuki Aino and Raku when Pipipipi pinned Raku with a school boy cradle. This was the first time Pipipipi has scored a pin fall in TJPW.

Yuna Manase and Hikari Noa beat Pom Harajuku, Haruna Neko, and YUMI in a handicap match when Manase pinned Harajuku.

Shoko Nakajima and Mina Shirakawa beat Himawari Unagi and Mahiro Kiryu when Nakajima pinned Kiryu with a northern lights suplex. This was Kiryu’s debut match.

Rika Tatsumi beat Hyper Misao with a torso dragon sleeper. This was Tatsumi’s return match after suffering an arm injury last year.

Maki Ito pinned Natsumi Maki after countering Maki’s backlash attempt in a pin.

Sakisama beat Miu Wantanabe. There was a big angle after the match as Sakisama continued to attack Wantanabe. Rika Tatsumi ran in to make the save, but Sakisama went after her too. Hyper Misao ran in and shocked everyone, including Sakisama, by hitting Tatsumi with a chair. Misao took off her mask and cut it up with a pair of scissors. She and Sakisama then left the ring together.

TOKYO Princess Tag Team Champions Yuka Sakazaki and Mizuki beat Reika Saiki and Marika Kobashi when Mizuki pinned Kobashi after a diving foot stomp.

TOKYO Princess of Princess Champion Miyu Yamashita pinned Nodoka Tenma after the Crash Rabbit Heat.

After the main event, Yamashita said she will name her next challenger and wants the match to take place at Hakata Star Lanes on March 31. She chose Yuka Sakazaki as her opponent. That will be the final TJPW show at the legendary venue which is scheduled to be closed down this year.

Kenny Omega did an interview with Tokyo Sports. He said he’s scouting Joshi talent for AEW and he’d like to work with DDT Pro again. He mentioned Yuka Sakazaki as a talent he would like to showcase. TJPW is the sister group of DDT Pro.