RIZIN 21 Results 2/22/20

RIZIN Fighting Federation results from Hamamatsu, Japan 🇯🇵 at Hamamatsu Arena on 2/22/20 and live on FITE for just $20 https://www.fite.tv/watch/rizin-21/2p65j/

Masaji Tozuka went to a draw with Masahiro Ozawa after three rounds.

YUYA beat KOUKI by knock out in the 1st Round in 2:30 with punches.

Henry Cejas beat SEIDO by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Kenichi Takeuchi beat Naoya by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Kousuke Jitsukata beat Ryo Sakai by right hook knockout in 1:28 of the first round.

Vugar Karamov beat Kyle Aguon by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Naoki Inoue beat Trent Girdham by unanimous decision after three rounds.

They held a jujitsu exhibition which saw Robert Satoshi get submission wins over Yuki Nakai, Hiroshi Shinagawa, Edison Kagohara, Koji Shigemizu, and Yuna Kimura.

Yuto Hokamura beat Kenji Kato by rear naked choke submission in 4:21 of Round 1.

Marcos de Souza beat Falco Neto by TKO after a series of grounded punches in 1:27 of Round 1.

Roque Martinez beat Hideki Sekine by TKO in 4:04 of Round 1.

Victor Henry beat Masanori Kanehara by TKO in 45 seconds in Round 2 after punches.

Mikuru Asakura beat Daniel Salas by knockout in 2:34 after a left kick to the head followed by punches.

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Promotion Dropped By AXS TV New Management

The Anthem Sports and Entertainment acquisition of AXS TV this week is already seeing drastic changes for the worse. Numerous AXS employees were let go as Anthem brought in their own crew and cut job positions.

Now an MMA group is the first cancellation victim of the new management‘s axe.

AXS TV Fights crew members have announced that the 9/13/19 event of Legacy Fighting Alliance on the “AXS TV Fights” live broadcast series will be the last LFA show to air. Phoenix Carnevale, who was the cage-side reporter on the show, has been released as well and Friday night will be her last show with AXS.

It is unclear if “AXS TV Fights” will continue with any future live MMA events. As of now the 9pm-11pm EST time slot for 9/20/19 is scheduled to be a highlights show of the best MMA fights over the last 15 years.

The next LFA events are 9/27/19 in Prior Lake, Minnesota and 10/4/19 in Broomfield, Colorado. Those will not be televised unless the group can find a new broadcast outlet quickly.

This almost immediate cancellation of LFA is a bad sign that everything is potentially on the programming chopping block under the new majority ownership of the network.

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Glory Kickboxing 66 results 6/22/19

Glory Kickboxing 66 live from Paris, France on 6/22/19 on YouTube with prelims and Super Fight Series (https://youtu.be/r1LRZ80a3yw and https://youtu.be/WTlR63-debA) and main card on UFC Fight Pass.


Sarah Moussaddak beat Aurore Dos Santos by decision.

Guerric Billet beat William Goldie Galloway by decision.

Matej Penaz beat Matthieu Ceva by TKO in R1.

Michael Palandre beat Vlad Tuinov by split decision.

Super Fight Series-

Aleksei Ulianov beat Masaya Kubo by split decision.

Antonio Plazibat beat Nordine Mahieddine by decision.

Stoyan Koprivlenski beat Mohammad Jaraya by TKO in R3.

Artur Gorlov beat Yegish Yegoian by decision.

Lightweight Champion Artem Vakhitov beat Donegi Abena by split decision.

Main Card-

Felipe Micheletti beat Luis Tavares by split decision.

Mohamed Mezouari beat Adam Hadfield by TKO in R1.

Women Super Bantamweight Champion Anissa Meksen beat Sofia Olofsson by TKO in R1.

Welterweight Champion Cedric Doumbe beat Alim Nabiyev by knockout in R2. Nabiyev was knocked down by a right hand. He didn’t look fully coherent but the referee allowed him to continued to fight only to get KO’ed by a few quick punches seconds later.

K-1 Krush Fight 102 results 6/21/19

K-1 Krush Fight 102 results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on 6/21/19 and live on Abema TV:

Super Featherweights: Hideki over Kazuki Sagegami by KO in R2.

Super Welterweights: Eito over Toshiki Watanabe by KO in R1.

Super Lightweights: Yuta Saito over Kazuma Takekoshi by TKO in R3.

Super Featherweights: Junpei Sano over Takuma Kawaguchi by KO/ref stoppage in R3.

Featherweights: Riku Morisaka over Naoki Takahashi by 3-0 decision.

Super Bantamweights: Yuto Kuroda over Ryuto by 3-0 decision.

Super Welterweights: Kotetsu over Yojiro Hiratsuka by 3-0 decision.

Super Lightweights: Kensei Kondo over Fumiya by TKO in R2.

Super Lightweights: Ruku over Tsubasa Horii by 3-0 decision.

K-1 Krush Fight Featherweight Champion Yuki Egawa over Tetsu by KO in R1.

K-1 Krush Fight Super Welterweight Champion Jordann Pikeur over Katsuya Jinbo by 3-0 decision.

Glory 66 card for Paris on 6/22/19

Glory Kickboxing 66 card for 6/22/19 in Paris, France at Zenith Paris-La Villette.

Prelims on YouTube at 11:30am EST:

Bantamweights: Sarah Moussaddak (9-0-0) vs. Aurore Dos Santos (0-0-0)

Lightweights: William Goldie-Galloway (13-5-0) vs. Guerric Billet (30-3-0)

Middleweights: Matthieu Ceva (1-1-0) vs. Matei Penaz (21-2-0)

Lightweights: Micheal Palandre (27-2-0) vs. Vlad Tuinov (0-0-0)

SuperFight Series on FightPass at 1pm EST: https://www.ufc.tv/video/glory-66

Featherweights: Aleksei Ulianov (27-6-1) vs. Masava Kubo (17-10-5)

Heavyweights: Nordine Mahieddine (18-7-0) vs. Antonio Plazibat (15-3-0)

Lightweights: Stovan Koprivlenski (10-3-0) vs. Mohammad Jarava (64-7-0)

Light Heavyweights: Artur Gorlov (23-8-0) vs. Yegsish Yegoian (31-8-2)

Light Heavyweights Champion Artem Vakhiov (20-5-0) vs. Donegi Abena (24-5-0)

Main Card on Fight Pass at 3pm EST: https://www.ufc.tv/video/glory-66

Light Heavyweights: Luis Tavares (60-7-0) vs. Felipe Micheletti (15-7-0)

Welterweights: Hamicha (37-2-0) vs. Adam Hadfield (19-3-1)

Bantamweight Champion Anissa Meksen (98-4-0) vs. Sofia Olofsson (49-8-0)

Welterweight Champion Cedric Doumbe (76-6-1) vs. Alim Nabivev (51-7-0)