Big Japan 25th Anniversary Results 3/16/20:Title Change And Scorpions

Big Japan Pro Wrestling 25th Anniversary show results from Kanagawa, Japan 🇯🇵 at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on 3/16/20:

Akira Hyodo, Orca Uto, and Takuho Kato beat Hideyoshi Kamitani, Takuya Nomura, and Kosuke Sato when Hyodo pinned Sato after a spear.

Kishin Kawabata pinned Yuichi Taniguchi after a diving senton.

TAJIRI, Kazuhiko Matsuzaki, and Hiroyuki Kondo beat Great Kojika, Brahman Kei, and Brahman Shu when Kondo submitted Kei.

Shinobu, Onryo, Tsutomu Oosugi, and Banana Senga beat Kazuki Hashimoto, Yuya Aoki, Tatshuhiko Yoshino and Kota Sekifuda when Shinobu pinned Aoki after S.E.X. (it’s a shooting star press).

KAMIKAZE, Yasufumi Nakanoue, and Ryota Hama beat Yuji Okabayashi, Kazumi Kikuta, and Ryuichi Kawakami when Hama pinned Okabayashi.

Isami Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto won a Bunkhouse Scramble Death Match over Drew Parker and Masaya Takahashi… Takashi Sasaki and Yuki Ishikawa… Masato Inaba and Kankuro Hoshino when Miyamoto pinned Hoshino.

Minoru Fujita and Josh Crane beat Takumi Tsukamoto and Toshiyuki Sakuda in a Scorpion and Cactus Death Match when Fujita got Sakuda in the Scorpion Box for the win.

BJW Strong World Champion Daichi Hashimoto pinned Daisuke Sekimoto after the Rising DDT.

Ryuji Ito won the BJW Death Match Title from Abdullah Kobayashi by pinning him after the Dragon Splash in a Light Tube Death Match.

Minoru Fujita came out and challenged Ito for the title after the main event. That match will take place on 5/5/20.

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WrestleTalk/Ospreay “No Fans Monday” Results 3/16/20

WrestleTalk and Will Ospreay’s “No Fans Monday” results from London, U.K. 🇬🇧 at 229 London on 3/16/20 and live on YouTube

This show is to benefit the wrestlers on it who will be out of work with all of the event cancellations due to the Coronavirus. The money comes from ad revenue and fan donations in the chat room. It was put together in just four days.

Paul Robinson vs. The O.J.M.O.

They even had a little pyro around the ring before the match started.

Robinson got the pin after a low blow and double stomp as he shoved The O.J.M.O. towards the referee in the corner.

They interviewed Aleah James but you couldn’t really hear it. She said she’s still not medically cleared yet. Mercedez Blaze came up and insulted her. It was supposed to be a 3-Way Match with them and Gisele Shaw. Blaze will now face Shaw in a singles match.

Adam Maxted vs. Carlos Romo vs. Malik vs. Chuck Cyrus vs. Paul Sayers in a Scramble Of Doom

The announcers said 7,800 were watching and joked that they almost beat Impact Wrestling’s attendance records.

Cyrus got the pin on Maxted after an F-5 and a piledriver. Cyrus did an interview after and said he’s going to celebrate by going to the gym and hugging everyone. The interviewer was wearing a mask and ran away from an attempted hug.

Mercedez Blaze vs. Gisele Shaw

Shaw got the win with the bridging armbar submission. Blaze put on white gloves before the match and kept them on the whole time.

Callum Newman was interviewed. He was calm but said he was terrified to wrestle David Starr. Starr interrupted the segment and made the interviewer give him the full introduction. Starr insulted Newman and Newman said a smart remark back. They got into a backstage brawl and fought toward the ring.

David Starr vs. Callum Newman

The announcers said Newman is only 17 and a wrestling scholarship winner.

Starr got the pin after the lariat.

They went a long time in an effort to make Newman a new young star. Newman got in several near falls including hitting a Code Red and a shooting star press. He kicked out of Starr’s lariat and power bomb over the knee, and later another lariat and piledriver.

Nathan Cruz and Lucas Steel intimidated the interviewer backstage. They made him do a dance for the viewers which came off like Eliane on “The Little Kicks” episode of Seinfeld.

Lucas Steel and Nathan Cruz vs. Robbie X. and Scotty Davis

Steel has a definite superstar look to him. Davis is a last minute replacement for Kid Lykos II in this match.

Cruz pinned Robbie X. after a power bomb and clothesline off the top rope double team finisher.

Adam Maxted was interviewed backstage. He said he didn’t win the match tonight but he came out looking like a star.

The announcers said they have raised £6000 so far. There are nearly 9,000 viewers on average for most of the show.

Kyle Fletcher vs. Connor Mills

Fletcher got the pin after a spinning tombstone. This became really hard hitting towards the end. Both guys were a bloody mess. Mills had a bloody nose. Fletcher might have lost some teeth because his mouth was full of blood.

They aired a comedy commercial to plug the t-shirt on the WrestleTalk website.

Will Ospreay vs. Bea Priestley

The announcers noted this main event is boyfriend vs. girlfriend because they’ve been public about their relationship for a long time.

The ring announcer mentioned Priestley is a former World of STARDOM Champion and current co-STARDOM Tag Champion. She was announced as “Will Ospreay’s girlfriend”. She noted Ospreay as former IWGP Junior Champion and current REV Pro Heavyweight Champion. She introduced him as “Bea Priestley’s boyfriend”.

They announcers said this was also NJPW vs. AEW. Over 11,000 viewers now.

Ospreay got the pin after a hidden blade to the back of the head followed up by the Stormbreaker. He held Priestley close after the match and kissed her on her head. They didn’t hold back in the match.

Ospreay gave her the springboard forearm shot followed by a driver. She gave him a draping DDT on the apron followed up by a diving double stomp which crashed them both to the floor. Ospreay was almost counted out, and when he rushed into the ring, she gave him a knee shot and a Regal Suplex.

Ospreay cut a promo after the match. He talked about how the show came together.

He put over Priestley. He said people think she gets work because she’s his girlfriend. He said he doesn’t have that kind of power and not a lot of people like him because he can be an idiot at times. He said she made a name in STARDOM and was offered a deal “from another company” that she turned down and she’s now in AEW.

He asked the entire locker room to come to the ring. He thanked the fans for watching and donating. He said he enjoyed doing the show and may do more depending on the quarantines.

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Wrestle-1 Results 3/15/20: Title Changes

Wrestle-1 results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Ota City General Gymnasium on 3/15/20:

Takuro Niki beat Kai Fujimura by submission.

Hijo del Pantera, Andy Wu, and Alejandro beat Ganseki Tanaka, Ryuki Honda, and SUSHI.

Masato Tanaka, Jun Tonsho, and Pegaso Illuminar beat CIMA, T-Hawk, and Issei Onizuka when Tonsho pinned Onizuka.

El Lindaman, Shuji Kondo, Seigo Tachibana, and Manabu Soya beat Takanori Ito, Hajime, Toshizu and MAZADA when Soya pinned Ito.

WRESTLE-1 Cruiserweight Champion Seiki Yoshioka pinned Heat after the crash driver.

Keiji Mutoh, Ryota Hama, and Yasufumi Nakanoue beat Masayuki Kono, Ryouji Sai, and KAZMA SAKAMOTO when Muto pinned Kono after the Shining Wizard.

Yuji Okabayashi pinned Kuma Arashi after the Golem Splash.

Koji Doi and Daiki Inaba won the WRESTLE-1 Tag Team Titles from Yusuke Kodama and Shotaro Ashino when Inaba submitted Kodama.

Kaz Hayashi won the WRESTLE-1 Title from Katsuhiko Nakajima after the Power Plant for the pin.

As announced weeks ago, the company will be closing down in a few weeks due to financial issues.

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RIPTIDE Wrestling Doubleheader Results 3/14/20

RIPTIDE Wrestling results of their “Pride of Brighton” Tournament show from at Brighton Youth Centre in Brighton, U.K. on 3/14/20:

Rob Lias pinned Mad Kurt after a piledriver in a 1st Round tournament match.

CHAKARA pinned Tate Mayfairs after her Widow’s Peak finisher in a 1st Round tournament match.

Gisele Shaw beat Connor Millis by armbar submission in a 1st Round tournament match.


Killer Kelly pinned Millie McKenzie in a non-Tournament match with the Vale da Morte. After the match, Mad Kurt attacked Kelly.

Gene Munny pinned Rishi Ghoshi after a lariat in a 1st Round tournament match. Damon Moser attacked Munny after the match to set up a tag match for the evening show with each of them picking surprise partners.

Cassius pinned Travis Banks after his DDT finisher to retain the Pride Of Brighton Medal in a non-Tournament match.

The tournament will continue on another show at a later date. One of those matches will be Candy Floss vs. Dani Luna which was actually supposed to take place today. Floss is still not medically cleared to compete and Luna was apparently double booked with ATTACK Wrestling.

RIPTIDE Wrestling results of “The Storm” evening event at the same location on 3/14/20:

Damon Moser and Paul Robinson beat Gene Munny and Mille McKenzie when Moser pinned Munny after Munny accidentally hit McKenzie with a lariat.

TK Cooper pinned Warren Banks after the RPS Kick.

Travis Banks pinned Chuck Mambo after the Kiwi Crusher. They’re doing a losing streak storyline with Mambo. His friend TK Cooper suggested that he enter the RIPTIDE Rumble and win it to make up for all of the losses. That show is currently set for 4/24/20 depending on the virus.


Killer Kelly pinned Mad Kurt after the Vale de Morte. She hit him with his own keyboard after the match to get even with him for attacking her on the first show.

Cara Noir went to a Double Disqualification with Mike Bird as two different referees ended up getting bumped in the action. There was a huge pull apart afterwards before they finally got separated.

Brighton Champion Spike Trivet pinned Jordan Breaks after interference from Paul Robinson. Trivet attacked Breaks after the match but then David Starr’s voice made the save over the speakers. He challenged Trivet to a match at RipTide Rumble.

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