W.W.D. Goes Extra

I’ve moved on yet again in the competitive world of pro wrestling news sites.

Pro Sports Extra has brought me in to provide content for them and it’s an actual real job. So many other sites promise to pay staff and contributors and never follow up or tell people they have no budget to pay them.

So that is where I will be for pro wrestling until I get fired somehow. https://prosportsextra.com/category/pro-wrestling/

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en


Wrestling… With Demons Now At Blogger


Just a bit of an update before Ice Ribbon starts in a few minutes on YouTube..

I don’t know what this site will look like on Monday or Tuesday. The business plan is set to expire which means the SEO and certain themes and other options will be lost. Basically it’s probably going to look like a jabroni free site that won’t be on the radar of search engines and a scaled back theme.

W.W.D. has moved over to Blogger, and so far I’m happy with it, but still figuring some options out. I’m getting much more traffic hits on there compared to here which is great.

The http://www.wrestlingwithdemons.net address will remain here on Word Press. So this will be like an archive of old results.

I had a nice conversation with the Blogger staff. They told me transferring over the address would cost the same as having a new website address and it may take days or weeks to transfer which would leave me without a site in the process.

They suggested I keep the current address https://wrestlingwithdemons666.blogspot.com/ with them, so that is what the address will be to find new W.W.D. content like today’s Ice Ribbon and NOAH result later today.

You can subscribe easily on the W.W.D. Blogger site right where it says “subscribe” on the front page. Your email is confidential and you will receive email alerts of stories posted.

W.W.D. Twitter:https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

Reminder: W.W.D. Is Moving

Just a reminder that W.W.D. is no longer being updated on Word Press and we’ve moved over to Blogger https://wrestlingwithdemons666.blogspot.com/?m=1

I’m trying to transfer over the http://www.wrestlingwithdemons.net address. But in the meantime, head to Blogger today for news on the indie wrestling star in Hustler Magazine plus NOAH and Choco Pro 5 results coming up later today (cheap clickbait, I know).

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

W.W.D. Is Moving

I don’t know where we will end up just yet, but Wrestling… with Demons will no longer be active here on Word Press as far as new updates go starting this week. Our business deal is expiring and I want to move on instead of continuing as a free site on WP.

The http://www.wrestlingwithdemons.net website address should let you continue to find us, as will the @WrestlingDemons page on Twitter.

Thanks for your time and support. Today’s NOAH show results at 7am EST will probably be the test of what new platform W.W.D. goes to. Followers are always nice, but I’m more concerned with always trying to get information out to the general public as quickly and accurately as I possibly can.

Update: W.W.D.’s new home will be here https://wrestlingwithdemons666.blogspot.com/?m=1 until I get the usual website address transferred over hopefully. It’s set to adults only.

Shannon Walsh

Site Update #2

I wrote about W.W.D. closing in its current form a few weeks ago. Things have changed a bit since.

The domain name has been renewed for another year. Those are hard to get if you lose them. I won’t be renewing some of the package plans that go with sites like this when they expire in a month. So barring more changes, it will basically be a free site.

W.W.D. will continue @ http://www.wrestlingwithdemons.net but it will probably look like a jobber site off the search engine radar for the most part. Perhaps that’s a good thing. So… if you like any content you see on here, it’s important to follow on Twitter. https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

I will still contribute to PW Insider as well.

I no longer contribute to Wrestling Observer/F4W. I believe there is too much bias and pandering going on over there with they way STARDOM is always covered by Jim Valley while other Joshi groups are left out as if they don’t even exist. My issues are not about STARDOM, they’re about most of the Wrestling Observer/F4W staff.

I do want to thank Dave Meltzer for really putting me and this site over in his free Observer/F4W Daily Updates during the off and on decades I shared results and information with him (even before W.W.D. was its own site). He always gave credit and the link here to help give traffic. He didn’t have to do that and I appreciate it.

I know it’s impossible to cover everything these days, but I really do try. Things might become more difficult with the Coronavirus putting a dent in many shows in Japan. So far my regular correspondents are not afraid and staying healthy as they continue to attend shows there. I can’t thank them enough. There are a lot of people in Japan far more angry about the virus than fearful.

Thank you for the support. I believe that the “athletic magic trick” known as professional wrestling is a universal language which brings the world together in its own very unique way.

Shannon Walsh

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en