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WSU 13th Anniversary Show Results 3/15/20

Women’s Superstars United 13th Anniversary Show results from Voorhees, New Jersey at the Colossal Sports Academy on 3/15/20 and live simulcast on FITE and Independent TV:

No fans are allowed to watch at the venue because of the virus pandemic.

Karen Bam Bam pinned Little Mean Kathleen after a swinging side slam.

Paris Van Dale pinned Boink The Clown after a face buster. She won clean even though she was accompanied by Basic Becca.

Van Dale and Becca cut a heel promo after the match. They bragged about how dominant they are and said there didn’t even seem to be anybody else around them.

Spirit Champion Davienne came out. She said Sonya Strong didn’t show up so she’s issuing a title shot Open Challenge if Van Dale and Becca were interested. Van Dale acted cowardly. She said she just wrestled and then shoved Becca into Davienne to start the match.

Spirit Champion Davienne pinned Basic Becca after a baseball slide drop kick into the corner when Becca collided with Van Dale who tried to interfere on the ring.

Corinne Mink came out and shamed Kasey Catal for not being there to face her. Eddy McQueen came out as Catal’s substitute and did a diva promo on Mink.

Corinne Mink pinned Eddy McQueen after a gut wrench suplex right into a board set up in the ring corner. It ended up being a hardcore match. They used a trash can lid and crutches as some of the weapons.

Gabby Ortiz pinned Veda Scott after an eye poke and spinning neck breaker. Ortiz hit the referee in the face accidentally to temporarily blind him when Scott had her in a cross face submission.

WSU Champion Brittany Blake beat Tasha Steelz by cloverleaf submission.

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SHIMMER And RISE Postponed

SHIMMER announced this evening that their 3/28/20 and 3/29/20 shows in Berwyn, Illinois have been postponed and will be rescheduled for a date yet to be determined.

No word yet on the 4/3/20 SHIMMER event during Wrestlemania Week in Tampa, but I can’t see how that goes on either with the Coronavirus.

RISE announced days ago that their 3/27/20 date, which was also scheduled in Berwyn, is postponed. That show was allegedly supposed to be the company’s last live event due to financial reasons. However, they announced “Pride and Joy 2” which will be co-promoted with Freelance Wrestling on 6/28/20 in Chicago during the Pride festivities in the city.

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REV Pro Results 3/7/20

REV Pro Results from Sheffield, U.K. at Corporation Sheffield on 3/7/20:

The-Great-O-Kharn and Gideon Grey beat Shaun Jackson and Kenneth Halfpenny

Kyle Fletcher pinned Clark Connors after the Fidget Spinner.

Hikuleo pinned JJ Cale after a flatliner.

Michael Oku, RKJ, and Robbie X. beat Mad Kurt, Dan McGee, and Carlos Romo.

Mark Haskins pinned Sean Kustom after distractions from Vicky Haskins and Gideon Grey.

British Women’s Champion Gisele Shaw and Shanna beat Little Miss Roxxy and Zan Phoenix.

Jay Lethal beat Shota Umino by figure four submission.

They did an all-Women’s show earlier in the day and the results are here

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EVE Riot Grrrls On FITE Results 3/7/20

EVE’s “Women Behaving Badly” event results from London, U.K. 🇬🇧 at the sold out Resistance Gallery on 3/7/20 and live on FITE TV

Laura Di Matteo vs. Kira Chimera

Di Matteo got the pin after a tombstone piledriver in a good back and forth opener.

Di Matteo was interviewed in the ring after. She said she’ll get what she wants when Skye Smitson stops breathing.

Kasey vs. Maddison Miles in a #1 con. to the International Title Match

Kasey got the pin after The Killing Joke.

Clementine vs. Jetta

Jetta got the pin after a struggle and then just standing on top of Clementine for the pin.

Fun comedy match as usual when Jetta is involved. Before the match she gave Clementine a gift of an actual clementine fruit. Clementine couldn’t peel it so Jetta offered to help. It was a bit reminiscent of Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper with the coconut as Jetta teased peeling it but smashed Clementine in the head with it.

Jetta was interviewed in the ring after and showed sportsmanship by giving up her mic time to Clementine.

Clementine was chipper and didn’t let the loss get her visibly down. She admitted that she’s lost three in a row in EVE. She said she’ll keep trying.

International Champion Sammii Jayne vs. Holidead

Kasey will face the winner of this match in the main event.

Jayne got the pin after a Frankensteiner off the ropes followed by a DVD.

Jayne did an in-ring interview after. She said she’s a fighting champion and looks forward to facing Kasey.

Holidead refused to be interviewed and intimidated everyone in the ring.


A video was shown of Mercedez Blaze and Chakara. They’re calling themselves The Bad Bitches Club. They challenged Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans for the Tag Titles.

Zoe Lucas vs. Rebel Kinney

Kinney got the pin after a powerslam in just a couple of minutes but Lucas” foot was clearly on the ropes. The referee said the decision was final. Lucas begged Kinney for a restart and Kinney agreed.

Zoe Lucas vs. Rebel Kinney

Lucas got the pin after Lucas Landing.

After the match, Lucas basked in the win and gloated with a big smile. When the interviewer tried to ask her a question she said she didn’t have time for “bullshit” and walked off.

Kinney was interviewed. She said she’s been distracted of late and asked Skye Smitson to come out as her friend. Smitson came out and said she already knew what Kinney’s issues are. She said Kinney doesn’t like the fact she joined Rhia O’Reilly’s stable. She said O’Reilly made her better because she was a loser before.

Kinney wanted to know why Smitson hasn’t called her or returned messages. Smitson made up a bunch of excuses and turned the situation around on Kinney. She questioned the friendship by claiming Kinney wasn’t supportive of her.

Kinney left the ring in frustration and disappointment.

Skye Smitson vs. Session Moth Martina

Smitson got the pin after the Smitson Effect. Martina was on a roll with all kinds of offensive moves but she got caught coming off the ropes. Good match.

Alpha Female vs. EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly

The announcers said this is Alpha’s first time back in EVE since 2018 (she was released from WWE a couple of months ago).

O’Reilly came out without any members of The Uprising.

O’Reilly got the pin after the Rhiadjustment on a chair in the ring.

They brawled in the crowd for a little while. Alpha got her in a choke hold on the bar area. O’Reilly somehow managed to get a hold of a fork and she started stabbing Alpha in the arm with it to break the hold.

After the match, O’Reilly cut an angry promo saying she’s the only alpha in the company.

Jetta came out and said O’Reilly didn’t win the title fairly and she hasn’t defended it fairly. She said O’Reilly only thinks about herself while she comes out to entertain the fans win or lose. She admitted to being “the class clown” too often but said she blocks that voice out of her head when she needs to be serious.

Jetta said she wants to face O’Reilly one more time at the EVE 10th Anniversary Show. O’Reilly refused because she beat Jetta before.

Jetta said she will retire if she doesn’t win the title. O’Reilly seemed to agree and arrogantly left the ring brushing shoulders with Jetta on the way out. That show will be 5/10/20.

Bonnie Knockers was the performance artist act before the main event.

Ring announcer and co-owner Emily Read announced a show for 5/8/20 at The Resistance Gallery called “No Man’s Land” where it will only be open to women and non-binary.

Kasey vs. International Champion Sammii Jayne

Kasey got the pin after a very impressive running knee shot to the face to win the title.

Very good match that had a lot of intensity. They exchanged dives to the outside and then Kasey gave Jayne a DVD on the apron. Jayne delivered a superplex and held on to follow up with a cradle driver but Kasey kicked out. They exchanged German Suplexes and Jayne looked like she landed bad on her neck. Kasey went for a kick to the head but Jayne caught her and gave her a powerbomb.

After the match, Jayne said she had no excuses for the loss. She said she’s invoking her rematch clause for the 4/4/20 show.

Kasey worked for Wrestling Kult in Germany in the morning today then hauled it over to England to work twice on the show in the evening.

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REV Pro Women’s Show Results 3/7/20

Revolution Pro Wrestling results of their “She’s All That” women’s show from Sheffield, U.K. 🇬🇧 at The Corporation on 3/7/20:

The title of the show is in reference to the 1999 movie of the same title starring Freddie Prinze, Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Paul Walker, Matthew Lillard, Kevin Pollock, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Usher Raymond, Lil Kim, Gabrielle Union, Anna Paquin and Keiran Culkin. In a bit of useless and obscure trivia, M. Knight Shyamalan was an uncredited writer on it.

Charaka pinned Lana Austin.

Debbie Keitel beat Armina Lilly. Lilly was a last minute substitute for Seleziya Sparx.

Nightshade and Jayde beat Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans.

Zan Phoenix pinned Madison Miles by using feet on the ropes.

Shanna pinned Chantelle Jordan.

Gisele Shaw beat Little Miss Roxxy with the armbar submission. Zan Phoenix helped Roxxy beat up Shaw after and Shanna made the save.

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Ladies Night Out 9 Doubleheader Results 2/29/20

Ladies Night Out 9 results from Texas City, Texas at World Gym Arena and streaming live for free on the Title Match Network YouTube page on 2/29/20:

The announcers are Matt Topolski and Brittani Nikole.

I don’t know how long they will keep these shows posted up on YouTube. They will eventually be archived for VOD as well on the Title Match Network stream service for $10 a month (or two weeks free for new subscribers).

Matinee Show-

Phoebe vs. The Insidious One

Phoebe got the win with a butterfly submission hold.

Amber Rodriguez vs. Myka Madrid

Nicole said Rodriguez has been gone from wrestling for four years because she joined the military and had a child.

Madrid got the pin after collapsing on Rodriguez and using her feet on the ropes when Rodriguez tried to go for a monkey flip in the corner.

Promise Braxton vs. AQA

This is AQA’s big return to the LNO brand after being out with an injury since Summer 2019. She officially returned to the ring on 1/11/20 at Impact Wrestling’s “Arlington Brawl” live special on Twitch.

AQA got the pin after a running shooting star press. They were given a lot of time and AQA received a hero’s welcome from the crowd.

Uju and Melia Jae vs. Raychell Rose and Vert Vixen

This is Rose’s return to LNO after being out since late last year with an arm injury.

Rose pinned Jae after superkick when Jae accidentally collided into Uju for a second time in the match.

Jae tried to apologize after the match but Uju attacked her from behind as she was trying to leave the ring.

ROW Diamond Division Champion Rok-C vs. Vanity in a non-title match

Rok-C got the pin after a face buster.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Heather Monroe vs. Tesha Price

Monroe got the pin after the michinoku driver.

Jordynne Grace vs. Miranda Alize

Grace got the pin after a Vader Bomb and the Grace Driver.

This was really good. Grace destroyed Alize early on with a sliding lariat then followed up with a jackhammer. The crowd chanted “Better than Goldberg”. Grace nodded in approval and blew them a kiss for saying it.

Action spilled to the outside for a little bit. Grace gave Alize a side slam on the announcers table. Alize recovered and poked Grace in the eye then gave her a DDT on the floor.

Alize hit a suicide dive before Grace could get back in the ring. Back in the ring, she connected with a couple of superkicks.

Evening Show-

Uju vs. Melia Jae

Jae got the pin with a roll up.

Tesha Price vs. Jazmine Allure

Price got the win with a straight jacket choke submission.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Heather Monroe vs. ROW Diamond Division Champion Rok-C in a non-title Champion vs. Champion match

Raychell Rose came out just before the start and hugged Monroe. She sat in a chair at ringside to watch the match up close and held Monroe’s title in her lap.

Rok-C won by Disqualification. Rose tossed in the Hurricane Pro Women’s Title into the ring and Monroe hit Rok-C in the face with it right in front of the referee. Monroe was frustrated and concerned after Rok-C kicked out of the michinoku driver.

Vert Vixen and Jenna Lynn vs. Myka Madrid and Promise Braxton

Braxton pinned Lynn after German Suplex set up by Madrid’s superkick. Lynn was isolated by the heels most of the match then Vixen tagged her back in when she wasn’t fully recovered.

Phoebe vs. Miranda Alize

Alize got the pin after the Shining Wizard.

Amber Rodriguez vs. Vanity

Rodriguez got the pin after a big kick to Vanity’s head.

Jordynne Grace vs. Su Yung in a #1 con. match for the Ladies Night Out Title

Grace won by choke submission in a controversial match involving two referees.

During the match, Grace and Ying were fighting in the corner in a superplex position. The referee counted for them to get off the ropes with a 5 count. When they didn’t listen to him, he got frustrated and powerbombed both of them off the ropes in a tower of doom spot.

A second referee ran out and yelled at him for getting so physically involved in the match like that. He ejected him from the ring and made him go to the back. He took over as the new offical.

Su Yung accidentally sprayed the mist in the face of the new referee when Grace moved out of the line of fire. The first referee then ran back down to replace the second referee who was blinded from the mist.

LNO Champion Ivelisse was not at this show because she is also the SHINE Champion. She was on the SHINE 65 show in New York today and successfully defended that title against Lindsay Snow.

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SHINE 65 Results 2/29/20

SHINE 65 results from Woodside, N.Y., USA 🇺🇸 at La Boom on 2/29/20 and live on FITE TV (and Club WWN)

Trevin Adams and Lenny Leonard are the announcers.

La Rosa Negra pinned Jay Raves after the Flying La Rosa. Ayla Fox was scouting the match. She needs new people to represent with Big Swole in AEW and Aja Perera (aka Aja Smith) in WWE NXT now. Negra showed sportsmanship after the match as she put Raves up on her shoulders and danced.

Candy Cartwright pinned Vipress by holding the tights.

Jenna went to a Double Disqualification with Double D’Rose when they both hit the referee and continued to brawl. Ayala Fox was scouting this match too.

Alex Gracia pinned Stormie Lee with a cradle. Brandi Lauren tried to distract the referee but it didn’t work. Gracia was attacked by Lauren after the match. Lauren put her in the Rings of Lauren and Natalia Markova made the save to set up the next match.

SHINE Nova Champion Natalia Markova beat Brandi Lauren by Disqualification when Stormie Lee ran in and attacked Markova just as she was about to pin Lauren. Lauren then put Markova in the Rings of Lauren until a few other referees came out to help break it up.

SHINE Tag Team Champions Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson beat Avery Taylor and Brittany Blake when Blake was pinned after she accidentally kicked Taylor and got caught with Belle and Jameson’s double team finisher.

SHINE Tag Team Champion Ivelisse pinned Lindsay Snow after the rolling snapmare and kick to the face. Jake Clemons was the referee. He was the heel referee on WWE Raw last week who cost Kevin Owens the match against Randy Orton. The announcers joked that they were glad he can count fair and evenly again but they wouldn’t elaborate because WWE didn’t acknowledge who he was on Raw.

They announced a return date to the venue on 6/13/20.

Thanks to Steve Grant for the initial quick results of this report.

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ICW Women’s Title To Be Vacated 3/1/20

ICW out of Scotland announced their current Women’s Champion Aivil will formally relinquish the title on the 3/1/20 show in Glasgow. She was injured in a ICW match on 2/2/20.

Matches have been immediately put together to decide a new champion. Kasey Owens will face Molly Spartan on 3/1/20 and Isla Dawn will face Angle Hayze on 3/22/20. The winners of those matches will compete for the vacant title on the 4/5/20 show.

Owens has held the title three different times since its inception in 2015. Aivil defeated her for it on 11/3/19.

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EVOLVE 145 To Air Free And Live on 2/29/20

EVOLVE sent out a press release to announce EVOLVE 145 will air live for free on their Facebook page at 6pm EST on 2/29/20.

Here is the card which will take place from Woodside, N.Y. at La Boom:

EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs vs. Anthony Greene (with Brandi Lauren) in an Anything Goes Match.

Leon Ruff and AR Fox (with Ayla) vs. Liam Grey and Adrian Alanis

Mansoor vs. Curt Stallion

JD Drake vs. Brendan Vink

Jake Atlas vs. Stephen Wolf

Joe Gacy vs. Colby Corino

Brandi Lauren vs. Avery Taylor

Harlem Bravado vs. Denzel Dejournette

Jessi Kamea vs. Alex Sky

This show will overlap into the AEW Revolution $50 pay-per-view on B/R Live from Chicago which starts at 7:30pm EST with a pre-show.

SHINE 65 also takes place on 2/29/20 at 3pm EST from La Boom. It will air on FITE (for $15) and Club WWN.

SHINE Champion Ivelisse vs. Lindsay Snow

Nova Champion Natalia Markova vs. Brandi Lauren

Tag Team Champions Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson vs. Avery Taylor and Brittany Blake

Double D Rose vs. Jenna

Alex Gracia vs. Stormie Lee

Candy Cartwright vs. Vipress

La Rosa Negra vs. Jay Raves

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